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Big Things in 2018 !

Hi everyone ! Happy New year !!! I’m so happy to do my come back on this blog ! You don’t know how it missed me to write on this blog ! It’s been way too long since I’ve posted a new blog post. But as you know my school life just didn’t let me enough time to keep… Continue reading Big Things in 2018 !

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What are the fall fashion blogger trends ?

Hey Everyone, Happy Fall !!!! Now that we are in fall I am so much more inspired than ever. I feel like all my inspiration comes in fall and during the Christmas season. As I’m a winter lover I can’t be very inspired with hot weather. Anyway I know that it has been a long… Continue reading What are the fall fashion blogger trends ?

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Let’s do a wish list/Favorites for October !

Fall is finally here and I’m so excited about it. Since the beginning of september, the weather has been very sad and rainy where I live. It really puts me right away into the autumn vibes. Anyway, it has been a while that I have not posted a new article on this blog. To be honest,my back to school has kept me very busy . It’s a new year and a fresh start. That’s why today I want to share my wish list for october.

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How to get healthier easily ?

Hi everyone ! So today I come back with a kind of healthy post. If you have been following me since I started. You know that I’m a big lover of healthy stuff.It has been two years now that I have tried to get healthier. I feel like I kind of succeeded to create a… Continue reading How to get healthier easily ?

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How to find the best gift ? Gift Ideas

    Hi everyone ! These days are going to be very productive, so be prepared to see more articles on my blog. This is going to be a bit difficult for me, but I kind of like it because it makes me challenge myself a bit more. So I hope you guys are going… Continue reading How to find the best gift ? Gift Ideas

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Best tips to survive College

Hi everyone ! I hope you’re all doing well ! This week I come back with a different kind of article. I know for some of you it’s the beginning of holidays and you may not want to hear about school. But I had this nice project to work on. It is about college and… Continue reading Best tips to survive College

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Have you ever thought of your dream dressing ROOM ?

Hi everyone ! How are you ? It’s been so long since I talked to you… We are in June now, I know that I’m always saying that but «  where does the time go? » I’ve finished school the 12th of June so now I have all my time to work on my blog. And I’m so… Continue reading Have you ever thought of your dream dressing ROOM ?

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How to stay motivated in your school work or regulary work ?

Motivation is the most important thing to be productive. The only thing we miss is the motivation. I always say that if your are motivated enough you already reach the half of what you have to do. That is why in this post I am going to give some tips to motivate yourself and how to stay motivated.

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Cost Of Living in Canada for International Students

There are plenty of living options for international students in Canada. These depend on whether you are staying for a short term such as an exchange program or for the entire duration of your studies. Affordable and comfortable accommodation is the best way to land good living quarters while in Canada. Some of the options you can choose include:

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My goals for 2017

It’s finally 2017, I love this time of the year because It’s like we finish a book to start a new story. I am one of those who always have new resolutions every year ( even if I don’t stick to them ). I love them because it motivates me to think that this year… Continue reading My goals for 2017

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My thoughts about 2016

    Hi everybody ! So I hope you guys had the best Christmas ever. 2016 is nearly over … This year went so fast. I can’t even believe that we are already the end of December… This year have been very turbulent year  emotionally , lots of good and also bad things happened to… Continue reading My thoughts about 2016

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How to cozy up your room for Christmas ? ♥

Hi everyone , so as you can see it’s the beginning of the christmas season ! I am so happy to be in december. As you know I am a christmas lover. All year long I wait for christmas. I also have to admit that I usually start to listen to christmas song at the end… Continue reading How to cozy up your room for Christmas ? ♥

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My last lazy fall morning Routine

Hi everyone, So how are you ? I know that these days I was very bad at blogging but you know I wasn’t  in the mood to write something. I can’t  promise you to be very active at the moment because I have to admit that I struggle a lot to be punctual with my… Continue reading My last lazy fall morning Routine

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What made me feel happy this month ?

Hi guys, so I hope you are all well. It’s the end of the month of september and as it was an important month for me, I wanted to share with you what made me feel happy this month. It a mix of random things and things which happened in the month.   1- My… Continue reading What made me feel happy this month ?

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5 reason why you should laugh and smile everyday ?

  Hi everyone, so today I wanted to do a kind of motivating post, if somethimes you feel bad or feel miseralbe this post is for you to feel better. Because we all have those kind of moments where we feel so unusfull or bad with our selves. I think somethimes we complain so much… Continue reading 5 reason why you should laugh and smile everyday ?

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5 tips to have an organized desk

Hi everyone, how are you ? So as you know It’s back to school time. If you used to work on a messy desk or in a messy office, today I’m going to help you to  have an organized desk or office  for your school work or usual work.   1 : Tidying important papers… Continue reading 5 tips to have an organized desk

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My first day at school ! my experience,advice…

Hello guys ! How you guys doing ? maybe some of you have already been back to school like me or maybe you haven’t.I went back to school the first of september and I have to admit that it was amazing , so that’s why I wanted to share with you my experience going back… Continue reading My first day at school ! my experience,advice…

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How to survive at school when you’re new ?

It’s nearly back to school and maybe you’re going to be new at  school, I know how hard it can be sometimes to be new somewhere . You probably feel very different with the other students and quiet lonely. If you’re shy it’s even more difficult for you to go and make friends or go… Continue reading How to survive at school when you’re new ?


1 Week in england , 1 Picture a day

Hi everyone, how you guys doing ? last week I was away for a few days to go and visit my friends in England.So I took some pictures of my trip and wanted to share them with you. It’s one picture for each day

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Dear little sister ♥ #2: challenging yourself

Hi everyone, today I want to talk about life goals and confidence. I wanted to talk about that because in my life I’ve been struggling a lot with my confidence and I’m still working on it. That’s why I wanted to share my story with you and give you some tips at the same time . I’ve already written an article like this one which was called dear little sister, and this articles is like the second part of it.


Cooking Austrian ♥ collab

Hi everyone, how are your doing ? Have you ever eaten Austrian food ?, Personally I’ve never tried it. It’s why Julia and I ( another blogger ) have worked together on a collaboration. We wanted to discover each other food specialities . I gave Julia a french recipe and she gave me an Austrian recipe. We had to explain how we cooked it and what we thought about it. For that occasion I invited some friends to share this meal with me.

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The perfect morning routine : my go to a perfect morning routine

Hi everyone ! How you guys doing ? It’s finally summer , I’m so excited about it. I don’t know about you  but I’m a morning person and when summer comes I love taking  time to chill in and doing things I love. That’s why I’m going to introduce you to my perfect summer morning… Continue reading The perfect morning routine : my go to a perfect morning routine

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Father’s day gift ideas ” the modern gentleman” ! ♥

Hi everyone, so I know that it is maybe too early to talk about father’s day but you know nothing is too early for me ! That is a fact. Anyway, I know how difficult it is sometimes to find the right gift for our dad and to make them happy. So I decided to… Continue reading Father’s day gift ideas ” the modern gentleman” ! ♥

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Ultimate skin care routine ♥ Tips to have a glowy skin

So I’m not the type of girl who puts a lot of things on her skin but it’s true that I like taking care of my skin , I’m not trying to boast but I think my skin looks pretty nice. I thought I could give you some tips to keep having a great skin , not to have spots and how to take care of your skin.

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Haul ! Primark / LUSH

Hi guys ! As you know last week I was  on a trip in the UK with my school  ! Yeah !!!! So I was able to shop a little . I bought things I don’t have in France . So I thought I could  show you my little treasures ! I hope you guys… Continue reading Haul ! Primark / LUSH

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Tips for school trip / outfits ♥

Anyway , I don’t know if I’ve already told you but in a 3 days I will go to England with my school and I’m really excited about it . I’ve never been abroad with my school before and it seems a little bit scary but really exciting as well . That’s why I thought I could give some travel tips because there are lots of things I know which could help you if you travelled with your school or with your family !

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3 top dresses I would like for spring ♥

Hello everyone ! I hope you guys are alright and you had a lovely week-end , today I’m very exited to show you my 5 top dresses I would like to have for this spring or maybe wear them this summer too !

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Spring beauty reviewing ! ♥

Hi guys ! So the other day I went to ” Yves Rocher ” , It’s a french beauty brand which sells natural products and which is not very expensive , so I went to see their new collection and found some really nice things which makes me feel in spring ! So I thought I could show you this brand and the products I bought .


March favorites ,for a lovely spring !

Today I wanted to do a favorite post , I’ve never done this before on my blog which is really bad because I love those kinds of posts but also I didn’t have a lot of things to show the past months . But march has been really crazy for me and I bought and used quite lots of things too , and I thought I could share them with you .


Giving ♥

Hi guys , I hope you’re well , personally I’ve got  a lot of work ! I’m really stressed at the moment because in two days I have an exam . It scares me a lot because I have a lot of revision to do . My brain is currently melting ! Anyway , I… Continue reading Giving ♥

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Dear little sister ♥

Hello everybody , I hope you’re doing well , personally I’ve been very busy these past  2 weeks  and I’m very sorry not to have posted any articles  last week but as I told you I’ve  been very busy !  February has gone so fast ! This is crazy, I feel we’re still in january , time goes too fast and it actually scares me a little.

I  have always wanted to have a big sister so that she could  help me with some parts of my life or give me advice with things she has already experienced but unfortunatly life  has never given me what I wanted. I’m an only child , even if it is completly ok for me to be an only child , sometimes I would have liked to have someone te tell me  how to do things.

That’s why I thought I could do this post as I was your big sister and tell you about things I have experienced or give you some advice about things I would have liked to be adviced on . I hope this would help at least one of you because I know sometimes we can feel easily alone in this world . If you were my little sister that what I would tell you .

1 . Don’t give your confidence to anyone : It’s very difficult to know who can be  trusted or  not , but it’s very important to protect yourself from bad people . It’s not because this person looks nice that he’s  .  Confidence is something very important so you can’t give this to everyone . Always make sure people who are  close to you really cares for you before trusting them , I think you can really trust someone after many years only because It’s very easy to break a heart but It’s more difficult to refix it .

2 . Don’t be scared of other people : I know that as I grew up it was more difficult for me to meet people because I was scared of what they would think of me or  fool myself in front of  them . But years after years I realized that I should not ask myself too many questions and just go , because the person  I will talk to maybe  as shy as me or maybe she’s very nice . I mean you  never know if this person is nice or not , so it is not going to kill you if you try .

3. Be yourself :  If you don’t want to do something  don’t do it , It’s easy to follow the others but It is very difficult  not to . But following the others isn’t  going to  make you feel happier , or maybe just for  a short time . I mean don’t change your habits or your personality just to please someone , be yourself . You can’t hide your true personality , It’s a part of you , people will notice it one day . People who don’t like you for who you are , don’t deserve you . Stop trying to stay with them because they will make you sad and you don’t deserve this .Follow your own way .

4 . Be confident : I know it’s the most difficult thing to do , even after many years I’m still not as confident as I would like to be , but , I try to tell myself that I’m not that bad . And you should do it too , don’t let people tell you that you are suck , because you’re clearly not , If you let them tell you that ,you are going to start thinking too and It’s very bad for you . Love yourself , be aware that you are good enough , If you are scared to do something don’t blame yourself and do it , It will challenge you and help you be more confident , I believe in you because you are strong and you can do it , the fear is just the barrier  you have to get over after that you will be unbreakable . I work on that if I can do it , you can do it ! you’re a warrior !

So that is it guys , I hope you liked it , that was really nice for me to do it . I’m gonna to start to do it more frequently because I like those kinds of chaty blog posts . If you want me to talk about differents subjects just leave me on the comment or if you want this   to be anonymous sent me message on my twitter here .

So I will see you next week for  another post ! stay tuned !

love you XXX





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10 tips to be ready for an oral !

Hi guys ! So today I’m very glad to talk about self control , I’m sure that many of you , have already been forced to do an oral in  front of  people  . And I thought It could be nice to give you some of my tips to get ready and not to panic for an oral !

For some persons, it  is very easy not to stress or be  scared  in front of  a public but for some reasons other people like me can not feel at ease in front  of many people ! And most of the time It’s very annoying because when I’m stressed , my body usually starts to show  everyone how bad I am ! As I’m sweeting , I’ve got a broken voice , my hands are shaking and I become really clumsy . I think the worst thing that  happened to me was the time when I was so stressed that I couldn’t control myself and I laughed  in  front of my teacher and my class as well .

So one day If you  feel  ashamed in front of a lot of people think of me and you will not feel as bad . If you have an embarrassing moment  and you want  to share it with me don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments ! Continue reading “10 tips to be ready for an oral !”


What makes me feel better when I feel down

Hello lovelies , I hope you are doing well , you know those bad days , when everything goes wrong and you don’t know why but you want to break everything and you don’t even know why you are upset ! If you do know what I mean leave a comment !


The magic boxes !

I thought I could show you what I got , and you will maybe discover some french products ! On the January one , there are some nice drawings , I think there are beautiful !

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//♥what I should do in 2016♥// !

Hello sweeties ! I hope you had  wonderful holidays and sure HAPPY NEW YEAR  ! It makes  me so sad to know that Christmas is over now … and it’s so weird to think that today we are in 2016 . I’m the type of person who loves thinking that every year is a good way to do our best for the next year it’s like starting everything every year !

Even if I’m the type of person who usually doesn’t  keep resolution , It motivates  me to do a list of all my new resolutions ! I know that I might not keep  all of them , I will just  focus  on a few of them !

  1. I would like to  do more sport , because It’s never too late to start being more healthy !
  2. Be more sociable , because I’m pretty shy and I would like  to meet  more people and share more things with them !
  3. Stop starting new series because  when I start I become addict and I focus on it too much !
  4. Stop eating too much chocolate ( I don’t know if I  will resist )
  5. Try to give more to all the people around me
  6. Be more chatty !
  7. Try to smile to everyone !
  8. Laugh everyday
  9. Be more organized in my personal life !
  10. Be  more organized with my blog too 🙂
  11. Try  to take  my phone less and talk more with my family !
  12. Be less sensitive !
  13. Try  to open my mind to the world .
  14. Learn more new things
  15. Stop thinking that I’m not as good as  the others
  16. Be ready to face the others
  17. Read more !
  18. Drink more water !
  19. Get ready faster ( because it gets on my friends’ nerves )
  20. Be more confident .

So they are my resolutions for 2016 , they could be examples for you , I hope you liked reading them , don’t hesitate to tell me yours if you have some , I will be pleased if you do it ♥ .

Don’t hesitate to contact me on my social media or by mail if you have any questions or if you just want to talk to me ! I will answer as quickly as possible ♥ .

TWITTER : @mayfisher90

instagram : mayfisher90

mail : mayfisher90@gmail.com


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♥ My Christmas presents !♥

I don’t know you but I love seeing what people get for Christmas ( I know I’m really weird) ! It’s why I thought I could share with you my Christmas gifts !

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♥Crazy Christmas tag ! ♥

Hello everyone ! so as you know I’m crazy about Christmas and tomorrow it’s Christmas  so I thought to finish the Christmas category  I could do a Christmas tag ( I know it’s a  bit too late but as you know I always do things a bit late ) , So I hope you will like it !!

 What is your favorite Christmas song ? 

I really love “have yourself a merry little christmas” from Christina Aguillera , because it reminds me of lots of souvenirs and makes me dream !

What’s your favorite Christmas / holidays drink?

I would obviously say ” hot chocolate ” but recently I really love having Christmas tea , so as I can’t choose because I love both of them too much , I will choose those two !! ( tell me in the comments if you’re more a tea lover or a hot chocolate lover .)

What is your favorite Christmas movie ? 

I’m the type of person who loves romantic movies , so I will clearly say ” Bridget jones ” or “A Christmas kiss” those are my two favorites but there are  so many other Christmas movies I love . Yes I know I’m very blue-blooded …

What would you like to have for  Christmas? 

I think I would love having a trip to Amsterdam with my mum ! As I told you in my wishlist !

What’s your favorite holiday makeup or nail art/Mani?

I love white nails with a little Christmas tree on them , but I never do it because let’s be honest I’m the worst for that !

Your is your favorite Christmas look? 

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like being really smart at Christmas so I usually love wearing a big and cozy jumper with some little Christmas pictures on it ! yes I’m a big eternal child !

Would you rather play outside in the snow or stay in with a warm drink?

As I’m a lazy girl , I prefer to stay in with a hot drink , and watch my favorite Christmas movie , It’s a fact I’m the  laziest girl in the wordl !

Wrapping the gifts, a pleasure or a curse?

A pleasure sure ! I love doing that , It’s the best thing to do at Christmas !

Favorite Christmas meal?

I think it is the dessert because I can’t be more exiting when the dessert comes !

Your favorite Christmas thing?

Giving presents because I love seeing my friends and my family members unpacking presents and seeing their  happy faces  !

favorite Christmas smells?

Gingerbread is one of my favorite smells in the world ! It reminds me of my chilhood and always makes me happy when I eat it !

do you like to stay in your PJS or dress up for Christmas ? 

I prefer to stay in my big and crazy pyjamas because I really believe that is so much convivial at Christmas !

so I hope you will have a lovely Christmas day , and that this post  will make you smile  ! Try to answer  those questions I had a lovely moment  writing them !

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♥ let’s dream about presents : Wishlist ♥

Hi everybody I hope you are  well on this beautiful time of the year , Christmas is around us ! all the time at Christmas I’m so excited to do all those christmas stuffs ! I think , it is the best moment of the year , people are so happy and there is light everywhere .

For me Christmas is not just a celebration ,it is also a way for people to be closer to each other , a way to share what you have with others or what you have to give . I believe we should all be closer to our family members . So I hope you will have the best christmas ever and have all the things you want during the year .

So I don’t know about  you but I’m the type of person who wants so many things  during the year  but when christmas time comes I’m like ” oh I don’t know what I want for christmas ” so I check many wishlists on all web sites I am usually fond of  because there mainly really expensive , so I want  you to know  that all the things I’m going to mention here are not the things I’m going to have . So thought I could show my wishlist of the biggest present .


1. So the  first thing is a mac book , I know how  expensive it is and I know I’m not going to have it , but everytime I go past a  computer shop  and I see some mac books I’m so tempted . This lap top is so fast   .

2. My second dream present is to have a mac lipstick because those lipsticks are so amazing their colors are beautiful and it’s a kind of thing I could not buy everyday . So if I had one day one of those lipsticks I would more than happy !

3 . Then like lots of girls, I would like a naked palette , I never had a urban decay stuff because I told myself that it was too expensive but I’m always really tempted when I  watch  some youtube videos … All the colors are so pretty !!

4 .  I don’t know you but I always love those rooms  you can see on tumblr which are just beautiful and perfectly tidied ( that is not the same  for my room ) and there is always a fairy light ! and it looks so pretty and cosy in those rooms . I really think that it makes a room nicer and sweet .

4 . Because I’m the type of person who loves seeing all her  best moments with  her friends , I would love having a polaroid for christmas , because it is so vintage and I love the way it works . And sure I would buy a pink one .

5 . Finally the biggest present I would like   is …….. a trip to Amsterdam , it could be so crazy to go to Amsterdam , It’s been a few months since I have been really attracted by Amsterdam since I watched the movie “the fault in our stars ” ( If you haven’t seen the movie yet this  is the trailer : https://youtu.be/9ItBvH5J6ss  ) and after that was I completly fell in love with Amsterdam , there are  so many things to discover … If you have already been to Amsterdam , don’t hesitate to send me some pictures or to tell me  about your trip I would be really glad to read about  it !

So I thought you would  like it , and that was my wishlist of  my top 5 of the biggest presents I would like to have ( but I’m not going to have them ) . I’m going to do another wishlist with some presents less expensive than those . so if you like it guys don’t hesitate to click on the star down below and if you want to see all my new post I will post , click in subscribe on the side bar , I will be really glad !

If you want to contact me :

twitter : @mayfisher90

instagram : mayfisher90


Bye ! ♥♥♥









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// peanuts and chocolate cookies recipe for the gready one ! //

So I hope you are well , today I thought I could give you one of my favorite cookie recipe !

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What’s in my bag // Fall edition

helllo , so today I thought I could tell you how much I love bags ! keep reading if you want to see more …


//my fall music !//

I’m the type of person who sees everything in music , so I thought I could share with you my favorite fall songs, they are songs I listen everywhere , which make me feel good and in a great mood ! these songs which make me dance all the time So I hope you will like them!

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how not to feel tired in winter ?

Hi everybody , so we are in fall/winter ,so I don’t know  about you but I usually feel more tired with that weather because It becomes colder and darker so my body feels more tired … So If you’re like me , I’ve got some tips to survive in that part of the year !… Continue reading how not to feel tired in winter ?

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just relax !

As it is fall, it is time to organize some cocooning evenings ,because every week we work a lot and we run everywhere sometimes we just need a little break to chill out . Everyone needs one ! But somethimes we don’t really know what to do , so I thought I could give you some ideas !♥

1- First, wear some comfy clothes , and take off your make  up to feel more free with yourself..

2- If you have one , take a bath , light a candle and relax in your bath , put some bubble you will feel  like in paradise … ♥♥♥

3- Put a chill out playlist and read a good magazine …

4- Choose a good serie , or a girly movie .

5- Do a mask , take care of your skin because it’s the best moment to take care of you , do things you don’t usually have time for . For example moisterize your body , polish your nails , read a good book , cook something you like , take care of your hair .

6- If you are the type of person who loves cooking , it’s the moment to do it !

So I hope you like it , if you do make a like and leave a comments !



Hi everybody !! As you know I really love fall ! And one of my favorite clothes Is a skirt , I love wearing skirts , It so cute and it looks so good in fall ! I feel so free and pretty! You know this feeling when you wear a cute outfits and you feel like a kid because you can’t stop looking at you in the mirror because you look so cute and your outfit looks so perfect !

About me

Introduction , welcome to my world !

It has been a long time since I wanted to write a blog , but I was not ready for that and I always gave up at the last minute because I was scared about peaple’s opinion . But now I’m ready to open my mind to the world . I love being really close to peaple , It’s why I promise you I will be the most honest I can with you , I also will share my bad and my happy moments with you !