About me

Introduction , welcome to my world !

Hi there ! 

First ! welcome to my blog , if you have any questions about my blog or me don’t hesitate to leave your question in the comments !

It has been a long time since I wanted to write a blog , but I was not ready for that and I always gave up at the last minute because I was scared about people’s opinion . But now I’m ready to open my mind to the world . I love being really close to people , It’s why I promise you I will be the most honest I can with you , I  also will share my bad and my happy moments with you !

About me 

I’m the type of person who is usually really shy with new people , I don’ trust people really easily , I’m always very careful because I’ve been already manipulated a short time ago and I don’t want to experience that again . I’m very cheerful because I think the best thing in life is to smile , because you show your happiness and that is just awesome ! I love being surrounded as I’m scared to be alone one day . It’s why I try to seize the best moments of life with people I love . I’m very open minded that is why I will regularly  write some post about teenage years , all the things we have to go trough when we’re teenagers , maybe you will recognize yourself in what I write …

About the blog

Now you know more about me , let’s talk about the blog ! It’s not just a fashion blog I want this blog to be a reference where girls and maybe boys will feel good , read nice things and not be annoyed at all … I will put all my love in this blog ! That’s why it is  more a life style blog , there will be lots of different things like , outfits , cooking , advice , video , look-book , serious talk , gift ideas and lost of other things …

Anyway , I will try to post once a week , because I usually have a lot of work  at home , but don’t worry I will always check if there are some comments , answer you and work every night on it .

so I Hope you will like it maybe I will gave you a little bit of sunshine in your heart !


4 thoughts on “Introduction , welcome to my world !

  1. I live in England! It’s not that amazing but you get used to it. France is beautiful. I went there for a day. I am exactly like you. I haven’t written much in my blog but I would really appreciate it if you check it out. My question: (dont think im creepy or anything) How old are you?

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  2. Hello May…glad you are blogging and loving it. You do seem more confident here writing about things you love and places you enjoy. I can tell you are friendly, and really do love making a connection with people. It’s OK if it’s more online, then not. There’s a lot happening online these days, so millions of people are here (from all over the planet) for you to connect to.

    One day you’ll go out in the world to find yourself a career, a husband, a life away from your teenage years. Just think of the wonderful footprints you are leaving right here and now. You can show yourself through your writings, your likes, loves, thoughts, feelings, and even subjects you choose to muse about are welcome here. What a bright young lady you are – in more ways then one. I’m certainly impressed. Shine on where you are right now. Highest and Best!


    1. Hello , I would like to thank you because your comment encourages me to keep on writing. Reading your comment makes me feel good , It gives me a little bit more confidence. You’re a very kind person.


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