♥ Be happy ,Fall is here ♥

Hi everybody ! 

So I hope you’re well, if you’re happy today leave a heart in the comments !

So as you know fall is here , and I don’t know for you but it makes feel so good and exited for chrismas !  Lots of people don’t like this time of the year because it becomes colder and colder … and the weather is darker and darker ..

There are two types of persons in autumn.

First type : people who hate fall and start hibernation

Second type : people who love the weather of fall and are looking forwards for christmas !

I’m the second type , I love fall , I love feeling the fresh air, I really like the color of the leaves falling from the trees ,,  I love changing my routine and I’m crazy about fall candles .

At the moment when I come back home after school , I  feel so good , outside it smells fall I can ‘t really explain it but it’s so pleasant ! I changed my routine a few weeks ago ,  like my outifit , my make up, my eating habits.

I love the fact  that in fall everything changes , the colour of the trees , the weather , people’s mood ,the air… everything.

 I want you to imagine the scene like if it were you.

So you get up like every morning , you do all the things you usually do , you  choose your outfits , you choose a good and comfy jumper with your favorite jeans and your boots … then you do your make-up , it is a  really classic fall make-up which is just perfect on you !


Then you go outside , you feel the fresh wind brushing your skin , you smell the perfume of fall it  makes you smile , you’re really happy because your outfit is perfect with the weather  and you feel so cozy with it .

I don’t know you but for me just to imagine this scene makes me feel so pleased !!My favorite things in fall are candles !!!!! téléchargement (7)

I’m just crazy about candles I can not live without them , especially fall and winter candles , It makes me feel so cozy and relax , In the evening to have a cozy mood in the lounge , I always light one .

I love wearing cozy jackets and jumpers , being really warm on my sofa with a good rug …

téléchargement (8)

I live in a place where the weather often changes  so tell me in the comment if where you live the weather is always hot or   cold. I’m really curious about it ! So I hope you like  it ! I want  to share with you my love for the fall season …Article WordPress

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