girl advice

just relax !

As it is fall, it is time to organize some cocooning evenings ,because every week we work a lot and we run everywhere sometimes we just need a little break to chill out . Everyone needs one ! But somethimes we don’t really know what to do , so I thought I could give you some ideas !♥

1- First, wear some comfy clothes , and take off your make  up to feel more free with yourself..

2- If you have one , take a bath , light a candle and relax in your bath , put some bubble you will feel  like in paradise … ♥♥♥

3- Put a chill out playlist and read a good magazine …

4- Choose a good serie , or a girly movie .

5- Do a mask , take care of your skin because it’s the best moment to take care of you , do things you don’t usually have time for . For example moisterize your body , polish your nails , read a good book , cook something you like , take care of your hair .

6- If you are the type of person who loves cooking , it’s the moment to do it !

So I hope you like it , if you do make a like and leave a comments !


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