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how not to feel tired in winter ?

Hi everybody , so we are in fall/winter ,so I don’t know  about you but I usually feel more tired with that weather because It becomes colder and darker so my body feels more tired … So If you’re like me , I’ve got some tips to survive in that part of the year ! we’re going to survive together !

The first thing I do when winter comes to be closer is to take some vitamins I usually have a magnesium cure , because it helps your body to fight  viruses , If you don’t like magnesium there are  lots of sorts of vitamins you can find at the pharmacy . At the moment I increase my  daily consumption of vitamin C with some food , like I drink everyday a glass of orange juice and I eat one orange , so that helps me a lot to be less tired during the day !

It’s been a few weeks since I started to drink more water , every morning and every evening I try to drink one big glass of water , it’s really important because in winter you don’t feel like drinking as much  water as  you do in the  summer so your body can be more dry so if you try to drink 1 liter a you are going to feel less tired ! If you’re like me and you don’t have time or you don’t think about drinking  I have a little tip  for you : you should stick in your house a little post it and write on it ” drink water ” put it where   you  will see it , so every day when you come back home you will see it and try to drink like 1 big glass of water

To feel  more awake during the day, it’s really important to have a big breakfast , I usually change the way I eat in winter because my body  needs some more vitamins to be fit and healthy  all day . In winter I usually take two slices of bread with butter ,  a big cup of tea or hot  chocolate , a glass of orange juice, an orange,   ( if you want me to give you some breakfast ideas let me know in the comments ) . I don’t know for you but for me my breakfast is my favorite meal of the day , I cannot  leave  my house without eating it , or if you haven’t got time just take it with you , and  try to have  time for  a break  at work and eat your breakfast , it’s really really important .

I  have changed my sport routine too  ; I mean I do  a lot more sport , because when I do sport I focuss on it and it makes me feel really good and after as I’m usually really tired I can have a really good night , so if you do more sport you are  going to be fitter and it will be really good for your body too !

so I hope you  will like it 😄 don’t hesitate to share this on twitter or instagram or everywhere you want and to follow me I will follow you too 😜
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2 thoughts on “how not to feel tired in winter ?

  1. Hi,
    You have great ideas!
    It is true that in winter it is very cold, if possible could you show us pictures of your winter outfits? I loved the Previous!
    I wish the breakfast ideas because I eat in the morning and I would like some ideas but is not too heavy and long to do … ❤ 🙂
    Would you Christmas decorating ideas for bedroom also?

    I love your blog anyway.


    1. Hi ! thank you for your comment , it’s very kind of you ♥ I will try to post some of my favorite winter outfits ! Maybe in about a week or two ( sorry but I’m very busy ♥ ) For breakfast I’m writting a new blog post , so you will tell me what you think about it and I hope it will help you ! Don’t hesitate to contact me .


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