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What’s in my bag // Fall edition

Hi sunshines !

I have always loved bags because I think it’s so feminine and beautiful .When I was little I dreamt to have my own real bag , I remember I used to take my mother’s  bag to play with and I was feeling so good and  grown up,  I walked all over the lounge as if  I were a top model , I still have some pictures and I always laugh when I look at them . So when I had my own first bag I was so  glad to have it , I had it at christmas and my eyes were big and shiny !

I don’t really have a type of bag , I think a bag can be  really nice for everyone . Bags are mosly really expensive , so I do not put a lot of money in it because I really believe it is not really important to have an expensive bag  as I am not  a woman yet , but last christmas I  had a” Lonchamps ” bag , but I know I could never  have  had this sort of bag on my own . So I think I will keep this bag for a long time . For me my bag is mosly an accessoiry because I think an outfit looks so much better with an handbag !

It has been now a year since I have had my new bag which I love , but I didn’t use it a lot because I was so glad to have it ,  that I didn’t want  to use it but two weeks ago I thought about it and I told  to myself ” why don’t I use it ? fall is here now and it could be really nice with a lot of my stuff ” so I thought I could do a what’s in  my bag !


  1. I always have some sweets because sometimes when you’re stressed or you have to wait somewhere and you don’t know what to do , it’s nice to have some sweets .
  2. I always have a book with me it’s really important for me when I want to go somewhere nice and just take care of myself  and read .
  3. My lipstick ! like every girl I guess …
  4. My purse ! I think that’s obvious!
  5. Some biscuits( healthy biscuits of course) if I’m a little hungry .
  6. Some water !
  7. My notebook ! If I have a  blog post idea !
  8. A sinitizer , I think everyone should have one with them
  9. Some pepermint sweet because I’m the type of personne  who can’t bear bad breath
  10.  I always have a jumper in case I ‘m cold
  11. I also always take  a roll on deodorant  if it is too hot
  12. a body or hand lotion too



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