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♥ let’s dream about presents : Wishlist ♥

Hi everybody I hope you are  well on this beautiful time of the year , Christmas is around us ! all the time at Christmas I’m so excited to do all those christmas stuffs ! I think , it is the best moment of the year , people are so happy and there is light everywhere .

For me Christmas is not just a celebration ,it is also a way for people to be closer to each other , a way to share what you have with others or what you have to give . I believe we should all be closer to our family members . So I hope you will have the best christmas ever and have all the things you want during the year .

So I don’t know about  you but I’m the type of person who wants so many things  during the year  but when christmas time comes I’m like ” oh I don’t know what I want for christmas ” so I check many wishlists on all web sites I am usually fond of  because there mainly really expensive , so I want  you to know  that all the things I’m going to mention here are not the things I’m going to have . So thought I could show my wishlist of the biggest present .


1. So the  first thing is a mac book , I know how  expensive it is and I know I’m not going to have it , but everytime I go past a  computer shop  and I see some mac books I’m so tempted . This lap top is so fast   .

2. My second dream present is to have a mac lipstick because those lipsticks are so amazing their colors are beautiful and it’s a kind of thing I could not buy everyday . So if I had one day one of those lipsticks I would more than happy !

3 . Then like lots of girls, I would like a naked palette , I never had a urban decay stuff because I told myself that it was too expensive but I’m always really tempted when I  watch  some youtube videos … All the colors are so pretty !!

4 .  I don’t know you but I always love those rooms  you can see on tumblr which are just beautiful and perfectly tidied ( that is not the same  for my room ) and there is always a fairy light ! and it looks so pretty and cosy in those rooms . I really think that it makes a room nicer and sweet .

4 . Because I’m the type of person who loves seeing all her  best moments with  her friends , I would love having a polaroid for christmas , because it is so vintage and I love the way it works . And sure I would buy a pink one .

5 . Finally the biggest present I would like   is …….. a trip to Amsterdam , it could be so crazy to go to Amsterdam , It’s been a few months since I have been really attracted by Amsterdam since I watched the movie “the fault in our stars ” ( If you haven’t seen the movie yet this  is the trailer :  ) and after that was I completly fell in love with Amsterdam , there are  so many things to discover … If you have already been to Amsterdam , don’t hesitate to send me some pictures or to tell me  about your trip I would be really glad to read about  it !

So I thought you would  like it , and that was my wishlist of  my top 5 of the biggest presents I would like to have ( but I’m not going to have them ) . I’m going to do another wishlist with some presents less expensive than those . so if you like it guys don’t hesitate to click on the star down below and if you want to see all my new post I will post , click in subscribe on the side bar , I will be really glad !

If you want to contact me :

twitter : @mayfisher90

instagram : mayfisher90

Bye ! ♥♥♥










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