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♥ last minute Christmas gift ideas ! ♥

Hello , and this is my  new  christmas post !

I don’t know about you but I’m the type of person who loves giving presents and seing people happy , but I’m the worst when I have to find a present people will love , mostly at Christmas time ! Every year I start to look for presents too late , so I’m always really stressed because I don’t know what I’m going to offer and I run everywhere to find a great present , but this year I tried to organize myself  and find great gifts that everyone will like   and at the same time give you some Christmas ideas if you’re like me and you need some help for this hard time of the years ( I’m jocking sure ) . I did different categories for different persons .

 For the arty one !

A DIY , I think is the most beautiful present to receive because the person gives  time to create it and makes it with her heart , so I’m not going to show my DIY because let’s  be honest I’m not an arty person ! But if you’re an artist don’t hesitate to let your inspiration  work ! I’m sure you will do some  amazing things !

but on the contrary if you’re quite good at arts but you don’t know what to do , these are some video DIY ideas ! which are just pretty cute and you’re sure to be really appreciated by your family members if you give those types of things !

  1.  zoella


For the cook ! 

For  people who love cooking It’s time to let your passion work and do all the things you want , I had a lovely time doing some little Christmas biscuits in different shapes , and the most exiting things to do is to decorate them , so I invite you to try it and offer  them  in a pretty box you will see people will love you a lot .

For the cuty ! 

There  are things I love receiving for christmas , who will always make me happy ,  …. CANDLES , I don’t know if I told you how much I love candles ? I think I did … I truly think  it is one of the cutest thing to receive because there are  so many different types , so I choose for you some types for different persons !!

  1. For your mom: you can take a perfume candle especially for home , there are some amazing at bath&bodyworks ,their smell is  truly amazing !  or there are some which are really nice from home sense .
  2. For your sister : take something quite sweet and nostalgic to remind you of  your chilhood with your sister , there are some really nice ones in the yankee candles collections .
  3. For everyone : I think these types of candles are for people who love Chrismasy things , so you could take a Christmas candle which smells like : gingerbread , marchmallow or just christmas . You can find those types of candles everywhere , I found mine from yankee candles or home sense .

For people who don’t want to spend a lot of money : 

This category is for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money for  a present which I truly understand ,because things are very expensive at Christmas time and It’s really difficult to find something that people will love . So I have some ideas for you which cost less than 20 £ .

  1.  It’s from milka and it’s to make some mugcakes , I think it  is a really nice present and the packaging looks really nice ,so I really should try it because it’s quite cheap .P1080679
  2. A cup ! I’m really serious most of  the people don’t think about  it but I think it’s a great present , everyone needs a new sweet cup and if the person is a fan of tea everytime she  is going to drink tea , she is going to  think about you !
  3. You can also give a cup personalized with a cute quote made by you , trust me  he/she is  going to love it !
  4. Socks , yes I’m serious when I tell you that , it’s not every sock I mean some winter socks , you know those socks you dream about all year  and you can’t wait to buy them before the winter season ! Now they sell some really cute ones , so It could a very original gift if you choose some really nice ones !
  5. The other thing  ,I saw some really nice mugs , and the thing with those stuff is this it could be a decoration as a  cup !
  6. You could buy some little boxes and put some chocolates and little notes to tell  your family members how much you love them !



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