The magic boxes !

Hello lovelies , I hope you are doing well ! In my last post I told you that a member of my family had offered me a subscription  to a beauty box  for three months  . I had a few  problems to receive them but I had the December one and the January one at the same time  that’s alright because I had both of them on my birthday !

I thought I could show you what I got , and you will maybe discover some french products !     On the January one , there are some nice drawings , I think there are  beautiful !


Those boxes are from “My little beauty ” if you want to get one , click here .


Let’s start with the december one ! 

I know we’re not in december anymore but as I told you I received my box a little bit too late but it’s alright !



So in every boxes we receive a magazine with all their products and some articles .There are also  some little cards and  some information sheets !



So I receive this gorgeous blush , from NARS , It’s a beautiful peachy color which makes my cheecks blush!


Then , I had a  sample of the perfume the one by Dolce Gabana . P1080868

Finally I had two gorgeous nail polish that I’m really exited  to try  !

The January one

This one is my favorite because the drawings are just amazing and the products too , they knew what I love and that makes me happy !




First I had some tea detox , I don’t know for you guys but I’ve never tried those types of tea but I have always wanted to taste it , so It’s really nice to have the opportunity to try it ! P1080908

Then I had this amazing diary , I think It’s the most beautiful diary I ‘ve ever had  ! I would never swap for  another one ! It can force me to be more organized and have the best year ever !

After I had three body products which are so great , as they make my skin feel so  soft and smooth !

  1.   The first one is a french one by L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE  this brand is so good but quite expensive ! It’s a hand lotion !
  2. The second is a body scrub ,  that I haven’t tried yet but it looks quite nice , It’s from HUYGIEN
  3. Finally , it’s a lip balm which is so great ! I have  never had my lips so moisterize than that !


And the last one are some bracelets with a little message on them ! It’s really nice as it motivating you when you feel sad !



So I hope you liked it ! I had a lovely time  showing  you all this guys , what is your favorite product. In the comments below and I hope I will see you next week with  another post !! BYE !!

Don’t hesitate to subscribe and join my team !!



7 thoughts on “The magic boxes !

  1. Hi,
    Kat and I have been reading through your blog and have nominated you for the Beauty Blogger award tag! Go over to our blog to find the rules and questions! Enjoy!
    Elle xxx


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