What makes me feel better when I feel down

Hello lovelies , I hope you are doing well , you know those bad days , when everything goes wrong and you don’t know why but you want to break everything and you don’t even know why you are upset ! If you do know what I mean leave a comment !

I experience  those days but there are always little things to  make me smile and that’s why I’m going to share them with you guys !

  1. Having a hot chocolate ! really makes me happy because I’m a greedy person and when I’m upset or sad making myself a cup of chocolate  brighten  up my day .
  2. Being in a cosy jumper ! In the evening , when I’m back home , wearing a cosy jumper , this is the time I say to myself ” O.K now you can relax “
  3. Smelling my dinner ! I’m usually really hungry in the evening so smelling a good dinner is like giving me the best present ever !
  4. Watching some old pictures ! It makes my heart melt every time but It’s so good to be nostalgic sometimes
  5. Breathe some fresh air ! that’s the best ! I mean when I feel quite bad , having a long walk on the beach or in the countryside  stocks up my entire body !
  6. Laughting ! I think It’s the best cure ever , just to  smile  or to have a good laugh makes me feel automatically better !

So they are my tips that make me feel happy guys , tell me in the comments “what makes you feel happy ” I will be really glad to hear about them ! See you next week !



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