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10 tips to be ready for an oral !

Hi guys ! So today I’m very glad to talk about self control , I’m sure that many of you , have already been forced to do an oral in  front of  people  . And I thought It could be nice to give you some of my tips to get ready and not to panic for an oral !

For some persons, it  is very easy not to stress or be  scared  in front of  a public but for some reasons other people like me can not feel at ease in front  of many people ! And most of the time It’s very annoying because when I’m stressed , my body usually starts to show  everyone how bad I am ! As I’m sweeting , I’ve got a broken voice , my hands are shaking and I become really clumsy . I think the worst thing that  happened to me was the time when I was so stressed that I couldn’t control myself and I laughed  in  front of my teacher and my class as well .

So one day If you  feel  ashamed in front of a lot of people think of me and you will not feel as bad . If you have an embarrassing moment  and you want  to share it with me don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments !

Now let’s  talk about the tips !  

  1. Before an Oral the worst thing to do is to think about it because if you’re ready and you know your topic , I’m sure everything will be alright ! so instead of stressing you should chill 😉
  2. Try to tie your hair , It’s really important to clear your face , you will look more confident .
  3. Spray a little bit of your favorite perfume in your wrist and smell it before your oral , I swear it works ! It will calm you and reassure you ! I know that when I’m a little bit stressed I always smell my favorite smell and it reassures me a lot .P1080518
  4. Breath please breath ! take a deep breath and try to tell yourself that it’s alright , It’s not a big deal I mean you are not going to die !
  5. Try to wear some comfortable clothes , It will help you to be more comfy when you  talk .
  6. The day before your oral go somewhere which relaxes you, I like to go near the sea ,it relaxes me and helps me to think about something else .P1080521
  7. Eat well , I know some people prefer to have an empty stomach before doing an oral but I truly think it’s a thing to do because first I don’t think you want to hear your stomach gurgling during your oral then it could be really bad for your health . If  you really don’t want to eat before try to take a cereal bar with you  to eat it after your oral .téléchargement (13)
  8. During your oral try to focus on a point anywhere in the room , It will help you  remain concentrate  on your subject and not be distracted by something or someone who could unsettle you .
  9.  Be positive , don’t think about the worst things which could happen because If you’re positive things will be better  .
  10. Practise sport , It’s the best way to deal with the stress , seriously you  will forget  all your bad thoughts .

So I hope my tips will help you and you have to know that  stress is not a thing you can control easily . But you can act not  to think about it , and learn  how to control it but before you have to learn to control yourself , how your body reacts , how you react when you stress and what makes you feel better .

I really love talking about this topic because I am  a person who stresses a lot and It’s not very easy to control it , I know that a lot of people are like me and maybe some of them don’t know how to deal with it . So maybe those tips could help one or two persons and I would so happy to think that I could help them .

Anyway don’t forget to subscribe to my blog If you want to see more of my posts and leave a comment to let me know what you think about this post !

I will see you next week ! love you guys !



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