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Dear little sister ♥

Hello everybody , I hope you’re doing well , personally I’ve been very busy these past  2 weeks  and I’m very sorry not to have posted any articles  last week but as I told you I’ve  been very busy !  February has gone so fast ! This is crazy, I feel we’re still in january , time goes too fast and it actually scares me a little.

I  have always wanted to have a big sister so that she could  help me with some parts of my life or give me advice with things she has already experienced but unfortunatly life  has never given me what I wanted. I’m an only child , even if it is completly ok for me to be an only child , sometimes I would have liked to have someone te tell me  how to do things.

That’s why I thought I could do this post as I was your big sister and tell you about things I have experienced or give you some advice about things I would have liked to be adviced on . I hope this would help at least one of you because I know sometimes we can feel easily alone in this world . If you were my little sister that what I would tell you .

1 . Don’t give your confidence to anyone : It’s very difficult to know who can be  trusted or  not , but it’s very important to protect yourself from bad people . It’s not because this person looks nice that he’s  .  Confidence is something very important so you can’t give this to everyone . Always make sure people who are  close to you really cares for you before trusting them , I think you can really trust someone after many years only because It’s very easy to break a heart but It’s more difficult to refix it .

2 . Don’t be scared of other people : I know that as I grew up it was more difficult for me to meet people because I was scared of what they would think of me or  fool myself in front of  them . But years after years I realized that I should not ask myself too many questions and just go , because the person  I will talk to maybe  as shy as me or maybe she’s very nice . I mean you  never know if this person is nice or not , so it is not going to kill you if you try .

3. Be yourself :  If you don’t want to do something  don’t do it , It’s easy to follow the others but It is very difficult  not to . But following the others isn’t  going to  make you feel happier , or maybe just for  a short time . I mean don’t change your habits or your personality just to please someone , be yourself . You can’t hide your true personality , It’s a part of you , people will notice it one day . People who don’t like you for who you are , don’t deserve you . Stop trying to stay with them because they will make you sad and you don’t deserve this .Follow your own way .

4 . Be confident : I know it’s the most difficult thing to do , even after many years I’m still not as confident as I would like to be , but , I try to tell myself that I’m not that bad . And you should do it too , don’t let people tell you that you are suck , because you’re clearly not , If you let them tell you that ,you are going to start thinking too and It’s very bad for you . Love yourself , be aware that you are good enough , If you are scared to do something don’t blame yourself and do it , It will challenge you and help you be more confident , I believe in you because you are strong and you can do it , the fear is just the barrier  you have to get over after that you will be unbreakable . I work on that if I can do it , you can do it ! you’re a warrior !

So that is it guys , I hope you liked it , that was really nice for me to do it . I’m gonna to start to do it more frequently because I like those kinds of chaty blog posts . If you want me to talk about differents subjects just leave me on the comment or if you want this   to be anonymous sent me message on my twitter here .

So I will see you next week for  another post ! stay tuned !

love you XXX






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