Giving ♥

Hi guys , I hope you’re well , personally I’ve got  a lot of work ! I’m really stressed at the moment because in two days I have an exam . It scares me a lot because I have a lot of revision to do . My brain is currently melting ! Anyway , I take time   to share with you something very important for me !

Solidarity !

It means a lot to me , I have always love giving because I feel useful also it is so easy to give to  people and I think everyone should give or do something for people in need . This week was a solidarity week in my school . Every year my school organizes a big solidarity race , we have a few days to find some sponsors and choose a charity then on thursday we have the race . That was crazy 800 students ran this year  ! It’s so good to know that we can help people.

It’s why today I wanted to show you 2 of the charities which moved me a lot :

1 : I feel very concern about the first one . It helps a little boy who is called Nohann and he  has a physical disability , he’s got 11 different pathologies on him . He’s very brave because even if sometimes  he keeps smiling and playing , he suffers a lot  . This charity helps him to finance his surgeries or his wheelchair . But it also helps him to fulfill his dreams . All those things are really expensive , so with this charity they go to  schools and tell his story .  And thanks to that he has  been able to visit a fire station or  go to a sport event ,  do thing which make him smile and try to make him forget  about his illness . So please  go follow his facebook page here , It’s very important for his parents and for him to have a lot of support ! I promise you will love him !

2 : The second one , has been created for a little girl whose name is Lena and she’s 14 years old . Since she was born she has had a really bad illness with mental and physical disabilities . The charity has been created in 2012 by  her dad to raise funds for the clinic research because  before 2015 her illness was unknown  but  a gene has been discovered .It was amazing for her and her parents to know   what their  daughter was suffering from . But there  are only 5 people with the same pathology  in France and a few in the world . Now Lena will need some  clinical trials , but it is very expensive , so they need our help and our support to do it ! here is a link if you want to  know more about her or give a little bit of money .  Even a nice message would be a lot for them .

A national Charity 

In France there is one evening show that no one would miss , It’s a solidarity event , which is broadcasted  on tv .  It all started in 1985 when a  French actor decided that is was so unfair to have  people who didn’t have enough money to buy food . Unfortunately more and more people need them every year.

There are  lot of French celebrities who gather for a week to organize a big event where they will sing and dance , they are not paid to do it , and they will give all the money to people in need . It’s a really big show because they usually start to find ideas in july and organize it  all year long and then they perform in January in three cities ( different  ones every year) . And in winter this charity give food to people in need in France with the money collected .

This is a little ad of the show which is broadcasted in January before the show .

After the show the CD and the DVD are for sale. All the money  is given to the charity.


So I hope you liked it guys , it’s very important for me . Sorry I didn’t post last week but I was so busy !

I will see you next week for a new blog post !

Love , May



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