March favorites ,for a lovely spring !

Hi guys , I  hope you had a lovely Easter and that you spent a lovely moment with your family . Anyway , Today I wanted to do a favorite post , I’ve never done this before on my blog which is really bad because I love those kinds of posts but also I didn’t have a lot of things to show  the past months . But march has been really crazy for me and I bought and  used quite lots of things too , and I thought I could share them with you . Also because  most of those things are very colorful and It makes me think about spring .


The first one are my white converse ,  I  bought them  for spring and I’ve been wearing them all this month . I love them so much I think It fits with any outfits  and It’s really nice because they are very comfy , it’s perfect for spring and summer . The thing is, it’s white so it gets dirty very quickly though .

From “Maison du monde “

The next thing , is this mug which is so BEAUTIFUL I love it and I think It scream spring , and all the colours are really bright , I also love the shape because when you hold it the shape fits really well in your hands ( I don’t know If you see what I mean ) I love those kind of cups ! I really should stop buying cup because I will never use all of them !

From “maison du monde “

Next , I had this lovely candle , which smells really nice ! I love the packaging , It’s so bright and sweet . I can’t really describe the smell because I’m really bad at it and also there was no information about the smell when I bought it . But the only thing I can say is that it smells like vanilla cupcake and I really love it .  it was really cheap !


Next , I have this kind of painting, with very inspiring quote , when I saw it for the first time I knew this was for me because I love those kinds of quote which helps you  be who you are and make you smile .

bath & body works

I had this candle at Chrismas time and I didn’t burn it a lot but this month I’ve been burning this little one quite a lot . It smells like cookies , you know when you remove   cookies from the oven , this  is what it smells like and I promise you when you smell this in your room , you just  want to eat cookies !


As you can see I don’t show you a lot of make up on my blog because I don’t wear a lot of make up and I don’t think that I’m the best to talk about make up . But this month there are some products I really love and I would like to show you .

From ” bath &body works ” and ” L’Occitane “

I love these two hand creams  quite a lot this month , I  always have a hand cream with me everywhere I go because I love feeling my hand very smooth .  This cream makes my hands so smooth and they also smell both so good !  “L’Occitane” is quite expensive and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on body products I don’t recommend it. It’s a really good cream but I think the “bath and body works” one   is great  as well and we get the same results .

I have also tried those two mascaras which are both really great , they curl my lashes really well . But It’s true that I prefer the “Yves Rocher ”  one because it always makes my lashes longer and I’ve the impression that it  makes them  healthier too.

Rimmel LONDON “lasting finish by kate “

Finally , the last one is this lipstick which I wore a lot this month  , I had it as a present from my best friend for Christmas , and I’ve  especially worn it this month because on my lips this colour looks very bright and quite purple so I prefer to wear this type of colour in spring season .

So that was my favorites of march , I hope you guys like it  as  much as I liked writing it . If you guys want me to do more posts like this put a ” like “. And leave a comment down below to let me know what were your favorite products or ramdom this month ? I will be really pleased to see it .

love you

May ♥



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