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9 tips to be more productive ♥

Having a great morning is not something very easy when you are not a morning person , but it’s something to learn and  to get used to .  I’m not someone who usually like waking up late because I feel like I ‘m wasting all my day and  I can’t be productive when I wake up late ( I also usually stay in my PJ’s )  .

It’s why today , I wanted to give you some little tips to become a morning  person and have  a productive day .

First , if you want to be productive all day and not feel poorly or tired all day , you have to sleep well , It’s very important to sleep the hours needed , you will wake up more dynamic and you’ll feel so much motivated to have a productive day . So if you can have at least 8 hours a sleep it could be really great .


Then the night before you sleep , I advice you to write a to do list of what you will have to do the next day , start  with the most important things you have to do and the things you don’t really like and then with things you like a little bit more . Finally the things you  may think you won’t have enough time to do  .


Put a pleasant alarm to wake you up  but not one that will make you feel  upset , an alarm that relaxes you or makes you happy , like a song or the sound of the ocean .  I love waking up with music. It always makes me in a good mood in the morning. If you want me to do my morning playlist tell me on the comments bellow .


When you wake-up have a goal , It  could be anything ,  I always tell myself that I have to work on my blog and it always motivates me to get up .

Have a breakfast you really love , something you don’t force yourself to eat  , eat something you love and will  motivate  you  .

Before starting doing all you stuff , you could practise a little bit of sport , it helps me a lot to feel more awake .

If you have to do things which you have to move , put some music , It will help you be more motivated and you’ll be faster .P1100124

Do something you love , like I love spending time with my friend on the beach and chill in .


Haven’t always been a morning person , before when I was on holiday I used to wake up very late sometimes and I wasn’t very satisfied because at the end of the day I was feeling very flat and useful .  I feel so much better when I know that my day has been productive and I don’t have time to be bored .

I hope this will help you to have a productive day , tell me on the comments what are your favorite moments in a  day , I’m really curious to know .



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