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Spring beauty reviewing ! ♥

Hi guys ! So the other day I went to ” Yves Rocher ” , It’s a french beauty brand which sells natural products and which is not very expensive , so I went to see their new collection and found some really nice things which makes me feel in spring ! So I thought I could show you  this brand and the products I bought .


The first product I had is this gorgeous little palette , I wanted those colours for such a long time    but I just didn’t really have time to get it or I thought I had to buy so many other things that are more important instead of that . I love this palette  because the colours look very natural on my skin and they blend really well , there is also  a mirror which is really great because not all the palette  has one , and it’s quite useful when you travel as well . I had it for 14 euros .


The next products are those  two shower gels which smell just amazing , they are just crazy  I took  the small size because I’m the type of person who prefers to  try  the shower gel  and really  buy them on a big size if I like it .


Next , I wanted to try this  soothing mist  because I’ve seen it on other blogs with some other brands and I  just wanted to try it and see how it feels like , and at the moment  I pretty like it . I will tell you in a few weeks what I think about it . I had it for 5 euros .


The last thing I had is this perfume which smells freaking good ! It smells like spring , I can’t really describe the smell but I can tell you that it is very fresh and sweet .

So that was a kind of small  “Yves Rocher”  haul, I really like this shop because when you have a loyalty card  you receive  lots of promotions and that is really useful when you want to buy a quality make-up and you don’t want to spend a lot of money . Also all their products are natural .

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