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♥The Liebster Award , ” facts about me ” ♥

Hello Guys , so today I ‘m coming  back for a new tag . I have been nominated by “petitepoodle” who is lovely to have nominated me , go  and follow her blog here she’s amazing.

The Liebster award is for bloggers and blogs with less than 300 followers. It helps them get their words out, and helps them find a place here in the blogging community. Once you’ve been nominated you will answer the questions presented to you and nominate other under-300 blogs. This promotes so much sincere connection!
1. What do you love MOST about blogging?
I love the fact that we can share so many things with people and never be scared about other judgements because there is  always someone who will like  what you do .
2. When did you start blogging and WHY?
I’ve been blogging for seven months now . I started blogging  because I always wanted to share new things with  people  other than my friends or my family . I think it  is also because I need to express my point of view on things I wouldn’t usually dare to do it.
3. What is your favorite color? (I know that is such a basic question but I just LOVE it!)
I don’t have a favorite colour  because I’m the type of person who changes a lot of favorites. But to answer the question I would say all the bright and pastel colours also I really love kakie .
4. What trait do you look for in friends?
I look  for someone openmided and funny because I can’t be friend with someone who doesn’t laugh easily or who is serious most of the time  . Also I love openminded people because I can have some serious conversations and I’m not scared about being judged with them .
5.What is your BEST trait?
I’m generous .If I can give something to someone I usually do it very easily , I love seeing people happy and make them happy ! In my life I need to help people it makes me happy and knowing that I’m useful makes me happier .
6. What are you self conscious about?
I’m self conscious about sick children , because it breaks my heart  to know how life can be so difficult for some people . Because some children can’t run or can’t eat normally and they spend their lives in hospital and that is so bad because a child needs to run , to discover things .
7. Do you have a guilty pleasure? What is it?
Yes absolutely , I love eating cadburry cookies and chocolate , I’m in love with this ! I could eat that all day !
8. What is your favorite relaxing activity? 
I don’t know if watching youtube videos is an activity but I know that when I’m very tired and I had a busy day , I really like relaxing watching youtube videos . I also love swimming going to the swimming pool and just forget  problems for 1 hour .
9. What makes you cry HAPPY tears?
I’ve never really cried happy tears but I know that when I laugh a lot I can cry happy tears .
10. Do you have pets?
Yes I have ! A dog and she’s very naughty !
11. What is your DREAM vacation?
I would say the Maldive since I’ve seen Tanya Burr vlog in the Maldive .I just want  to go there now , seriously it looks so amazing and heavenly .
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