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3 top dresses I would like for spring ♥


Hello everyone ! I hope you guys are alright and you had a lovely week-end , today I’m very exited to show you my 5 top dresses I would like to have for this spring or maybe wear them this summer too !

I love going through fashion web sites and do a little wish list , and today I thought It would be good to show what I’ve liked , if you guys have some favorite shops and you want to share them put a comment down bellow ! Ok so now I’m going to stop rambling and show you my treasures !


I’ve been through  some cheap shops because I wanted to be affordable for everyone , so the first I’ve loved is Stradivarius !



This dress looks amazing and would  be perfect for spring ! I think it’s really casual and it looks very comfy , It would be cute with some nice sandals . I love the fact that  it  is very simple but you still look cute with it . And that dress  is  cheap  it costs  12 euros .


This one is from Pull&Bear , and it’s a very  nice white and light dress , It could be perfect for a day on the beach . It  looks very casual and I believe it would fit everyone . But it is a little bit more expensive than the other dresses. It costs 29,99 euros click here if  you want to have more details !


This one is my favorite , I love the cut out the neck in the back which gives  a glam style to the dress , I think it could fit on every events because it’s not too chic and not too casual  ,  . It costs only 14,99 euros , click here for more details .

So that was my favorite dresses I would love to have this spring , I hope you guys liked them and maybe it inspired you ! Tell me on the comments bellow which one is your favorite ! ♥

And I will see you next week for an other post ♥

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