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Tips for school trip / outfits ♥

Hi guys , I hope you guys doing well . I’m really happy at the moment  because we are in spring so the sun is out and everything seems so much better . Anyway , I don’t know if I’ve already told you but in a 3 days  I will go to England with my school and I’m really excited about it . I’ve never been abroad with my school  before and it seems a little bit scary but really exciting as well . That’s why I thought I could give some travel tips because there are  lots of things I know which could help you if you  travelled with your school or with your family !

So I’m going to travel by bus for 10 hours  which is a lot , and then we’re going to take the ferry so I’m going to tell you about something you should not forget to bring with you during such a long journey :

1 -The first thing I advice you to take is a travel pillow as you may know in a long trip it’s very difficult to feel comfy because of the noises or the sit , so If you bring a travel pillow you will feel a little more comfy and the time will go faster .

2- If you travel at night to feel warm , you should take a blancket with you because when you travel  for a long time  you’re tired you often feel cold and It’s annoying because  you don’t feel at  ease .

3-Wear comfortable clothes because seriously you don’t want to feel uncomfortable during the journey , so bring some comfy socks with you and chill in .

4-You shouldn’t  wear make-up or just a bit because during a long trip  your make-up won’t stay perfect . Or you can wear something very simple as a BB cream and a bit of mascara   .

5-You really should take something to eat because you will certainly be hungry very fast .

Now,I’m going to show you 2 types of outfits you could wear for a long trip !

The first one is a kind of casual outfit , It very simple and comfy .


So I am wearing this cardigan from ROXY which I really love because it is quite warm, very casual at the same time . I’m feeling very comfy with it , so perfect for a long journey . I’m also wearing these jeans from PROMOD , I really love these jeans because it is very cosy and not  too slim so I can move very easily . when I travel I hate being in skynny jeans because I can’t feel very comfy . Finally I take my converse  to walk quite fast .


For the second outfit , I wear the same jeans but I change the T-shirt , It’s a tank-top  from Bonobo and a sweat  from HOLLISTER . I believe  it is a good outfit because if you’re hot but scared to be  cold  after you can just wear a tank top and take with you a sweat in case it gets colder   . The jacket is from MIM , I love this jacket because it is very light and I have  lots of pockets though .

So I hope you guys liked it , tell me in the comments bellow what was your favorite oufit and where would you like to go on a schooltrip with your school ?

And I will see you next week ! love U guys !

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4 thoughts on “Tips for school trip / outfits ♥

  1. Hiii, so I’m going Im going on a school camp trip thing and there’s going to be hiking, biking and really hot and rainy and sunny etc. what kind of outfits would you recommend for that and it’s a 4-5 day trip so what kind of bag should I take a duffel bag or a small-ish suitcase?😊😊😊

    Thank you sooo muchh❤️❤️😊

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    1. Hi so I’ve never been on camp before but I think If I were you I would probably take some waterproof shoes and outfits because we never what the weather is going to be like. It’s very uncomfortable to feel wet all day long. Take extra tee-shirts and socks for your feet to be dry all the time. Take a warm jumper for the evening It might be cold. And wear shorts when you cycle or when you walk. To take a duffel bag maybe a better idea. I hope you will have a wonderful time and don’t forget to enjoy yourself. And contact me when you come back to tell me all about it ! ♥♥♥


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