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Haul ! Primark / LUSH

Hi guys ! As you know last week I was  on a trip in the UK with my school  ! Yeah !!!! So I was able to shop a little . I bought things I don’t have in France . So I thought I could  show you my little treasures ! I hope you guys had an amazing week , for me  it was just crazy but I will tell you all that in  another post ! Enjoy ♥


First I went to Primark and I bought two candles , this one is lotus flower . It smells like something clean you know what I mean . It’s smells like clean bed covers and oh my god it’s really good . I also fell in love with the colour .


The second one is Pineaple&Ginger , I litteraly fell in love with this candle because it reminds  me my childhood , I don’t know why …

I also bought some clothes at Primark but the thing is I can’t show them to you now  because I am working on another  post with my clothes .


In Oxford I went to Lush and OMG ,I met the sweetest saleswoman , I wanted to find a gift for my mum and she made me smell everything in the shop , and we talk  a little . If one day you go to Lush in Oxford  please be nice  the saleswomen because they are just lovely . So I bought a soap which smells extremely nice .


So  I went to Poundland , and I bought a box of Lucky Charms because I can’t find them in France. I tried them this morning for breakfast and oh my god it was  so good ! I also had a box of shreddies my favorite cereals in the whole world ! Tell me on the comments bellow if you guys have ever tasted Lucky Charms before and if you like them !


Then I bought some PG tea bags because we haven’t got this tea in France .

So that is it , so I didn’t do a lot of shopping because I was very busy visiting different places with the school  . I hope you guys liked it and I will see you next week for  another post .

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7 thoughts on “Haul ! Primark / LUSH

  1. Lovely post! What places in the UK did you visit? Lush saleswomen are normally very kind and lovely, and I love it when they show you how to use bath bombs for example haha x

    Zoel Hernández |


  2. I love wonderful smells. I have a myriad of candles, and they smell good for years. I been to the UK countless times, but I never shopped the way you did. I remember doing a lot of looking however. I guess being highly visual keeps me from fully exploring all the smell-goods. I go for the clothes and the electronics though.

    I can get Lucky Charms in the US if I so choose, and have eaten a bowl or two in my life. Now, I prefer oatmeal or granola. I’m glad you got things for yourself and your Mum, especially since not everything is available in France. There’s flan in France. Need I say more?!

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    1. I love wonderful smells too, especially candles. I’m really a great fan of candles. You’re so lucky to have some lucky charms in the US. I would like to visit the US so much.


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