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Ultimate skin care routine ♥ Tips to have a glowy skin

Hi guys , how you doing ? So recently I’ve been contacted by Farfetch to share with you my skin scare routine , I thank them very much to have contacted me  .  So I’m not the type of girl who puts a lot of things on her skin but it’s true that I like taking care of my skin , I’m not trying to boast but I think my skin looks pretty nice. I thought I could give you some tips to keep having a great skin ,  not to have spots and how to take care of your skin.

Tip 1

First thing  , you have to find your skin types, It’s very important. It will help you  know what kind of products you should use and what is good for your skin. I have a combination skin ,it means that my skin is more greasy in my T zone ( nose , chin and forehead ) and  dryer in the other parts of my face. If you want to know exactly what type of skin you have I advice you to ask to a beautician or a dermatologist , they will tell you everything you need to know about your skin and what products you should use.


Tip 2

Everyday the first thing I do is  to clean my face , I use a cleaning gel from Garnier ,


I really like gels because it’s easy to use and it wakes me up in the morning.You musn’t forget to clean your face because it helps you remove debris,oil and make-up . Also it will give you a smooth skin and you will look healthier.   There are different types of cleansing products ( gel , cream , and liquids ) . Find a product  you like the smell  of and the texture . It’s very important because it’s something you do everyday and it mustn’t  be  a chore for you.

Tip 3

After cleaning my skin , I exfoliate it with my garnier 3 and 1 , which I really like because it makes my skin look so smooth.


You should exfoliate your skin because every day your skin naturally sheds million of skin cells and a simple cleanser is not sufficient to remove all those cells. The results of those cells are : dull, dry, or flaky skin; clogged, enlarged pores; blackheads; white bumps ; wrinkles; ; and uneven skin tone. Your don’t have to do it every day it depends of your skin tone , some people have to do it just once  or twice a week only . But others have to do it twice a day. Don’t do it too often , your skin will show you if you do it too often.

Tip 4

After every care you have to hydrate your face because when you clean and exfoliate your face, your skin can get very easily unhydrated so put a freat moistrizer to let your face rest  after your skin care routine. It will make your skin smoother and healthier. I use the Nivea soft creme.


Tip 5

This tip is for when sometimes we don’t know why our skin doesn’t want to be nice with us and when we have spots. It happens to every one of us,  I advice you  not to pop your spot because you will live a little scar and you don’t want that. So my tip is when you see the spot , every night put some clay on your spot for 3 min and then hydrated your spot .You will see in 2 days your spot wont be here. I use this mask made with clay.


Tip 6

My last advice for you guys is to have a healthy life. Eat healthy , practise sport and sleep well. We don’t really pay attention to those fact but having a healthy life helps a lot your skin to be lovely and to look healthy.

So I hope you guys liked this post, I hope those few tips will help you. I will see you next week for another post !

Love you guys ! ♥

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