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Father’s day gift ideas ” the modern gentleman” ! ♥

Hi everyone, so I know that it is maybe too early to talk about father’s day but you know nothing is too early for me ! That is a fact. Anyway, I know how difficult it is sometimes to find the right gift for our dad and to make them happy. So I decided to give you some gift ideas for father’s day !

So I tried to work on the idea of the modern gentleman, because now men take care of themselves as much as women.

For the skin care lovers :

If your dad love taking care of his skin and his appearance I advice you to buy some products like:

L’Oreal Men Expert Anti_Irritation Shave Gel : this gel will help his skin not to be irritated or dry during the shaving session.

L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Daily Moisturising Lotion: Because as much as women men don’t like dark circles, this moistrizer will help to fight the signs of fatigue, dull-looking skin and drawn features.

If you want you can offer a pack with these two products I found one at 12£  ! L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Daily Skincare Kit


If he prefers something more natural, I found this pack of natural skin care :

Mancave supreme skin care : It’s a natural hydrating facial moisturizer enriched with bioactives and UV absorbers to create a soothing, easily absorbed formula. He will look more awake and it will purify his skin without drying.

For the cook lovers :

who said that men couldn’t cook ? The modern gentleman like cooking and they like to show it to us . So if your dad  is a food lover ,buy him a cook book but not a simple, the ultimate cook book for the modern gentleman.

Cook Like A Man: the Ultimate Cookbook for the Modern Gentleman : With this book, he will spend more time in the kitchen and you will be able to taste  delicious, healthy, man-friendly recipes who have been created by Mo Bro chefs around the UK, Ireland, Spain and Finland, including David Johnson, Head Chef at Swan Shakespeare’s Globe.

For the traveller :

If your dad  sometimes travel a lot, I advice you to offer him a travel bag or a travel mug, I found some nice ones.

The Journeyman Tour Bag : he will be able to  bring along this great vintage looking bag to his next traveling adventure! Not only does it look stylish but it is also durable. He may also use it as a simple every day bag. It is good size for his clothing, laptop, book, shoes, or electronic devices.

Funny Guy Mugs Best Dad Ever Travel :  You can have a touch of humour and stay really soft at the same time. If your dad is always in a hurry and hasn’t much time to take his coffee. This mug will be the perfect gift because your dad will think of you while he is having his coffee.

For the comfort lover :

If your dad loves lying  on  the sofa on sundays  with the most comfortable underwear, this gift will help him a lot. Today men care about their underwears as much as women.

Tommy John : It’s a great shop for men’s underwear , it sells underwears for every  men, you will make a man happy if you buy  him a underwear there.

Ok so ,they are my gift ideas for father’s day, I hope you like them and that it  will make your dad happy ! So I will see you next week for  another blog post ! ♥

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