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I’m back ♥

Hi everyone ! It’s been such a long time since I haven’t blogged , you can’t even know how much I missed it . It’s been a month exactly . Recently I took my exams , that’s why I haven’t been productive on my blog lately. I wanted to focus on my work at school and my revision. For people who took their exams too this year , you know how stressfull it is and how much work you have to do. But I have to admit that being off this month has been also good for me because I realize how much I love blogging and how much I missed it. I also missed you  a lot too.


Anyway, even if I’ve been off during a month, this summer will be my summer , not our summer. I’ve got so many blog ideas for you guys , I’m so excited to share them with you. I also have some news , I’m going to start a new blogging series , it will be all about summer. I don’t give you too many  details but I’ll be posting twice a week during 3 weeks. And a collab will be up soon with another blogger.

So finally, I would like to know guys if you took some exams too or if your school work is done , tell me about your year what are you feelings ?If you have plans  for this summer ? I’d love to know !

I hope your all well ♥

Love you ♥



2 thoughts on “I’m back ♥

  1. Hey!!!
    Glad to see you back!!! 😄
    My plans for this summer is just enjoying myself with family & friends. Also, working out & basically getting prepared of getting back in school this Fall semester.
    Hopefully starting something new with this idea product that I have in mind. Praying it works out for the good so that it can go on the shelves in local stores. I’m too excited 😃!!!
    Can’t wait to read your posts!!!
    Stay Blessed & Stay Encouraged 💙

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