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The perfect morning routine : my go to a perfect morning routine

Hi everyone ! How you guys doing ? It’s finally summer , I’m so excited about it. I don’t know about you  but I’m a morning person and when summer comes I love taking  time to chill in and doing things I love. That’s why I’m going to introduce you to my perfect summer morning routine. It’s not something I will do everyday. This post is the first of my new serie so tell me in the comment what you think about it !

So first I usually wake up at 9 am because I want to fully enjoy my morning, obviously I will check my phone, (Instagram, twitter,…) then after 10 min cheking my phone, I will go to the kitchen and prepare my breakfast.


In summer vacation, I love taking time to eat a kind of healthy breakfast. At the moment I love grapefruit because it gives me a lot of energy, I also drink a cup of tea with it. I will enjoy my breakfast in front a tv serie in my laptop. I love doing that because it relaxes me a lot and helps me to start the day happier.


Then I will go on instagram and it pushes me up to do workout because seing all those girls fitting so well in their swimsuit makes me wanna to have the same body, so it helps me to work more.


After my workout session, I immediatly have  a shower , for my shower I use a lush soap I bought during my  trip to London.P1100283

Then I’m going to cream my body with the body lotion from soap&glory which   smell incredebly good.


Then I’m going to start working on blog with a cup of tea. P1100347


So that was my perfect morning routine, I hope you guys liked it , If you did don’t forget to :

like or commentaire and




Tell me in the comment two things you love doing in the morning I will be very curious to know ! ♥

Love you guys ♥



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