Cooking Austrian ♥ collab

Hi everyone, how are your doing ? Have you ever eaten Austrian food ?, Personally I’ve never tried it. It’s why Julia and I ( another blogger from the blog TPT-Mermaid ) have worked together on a collaboration. We wanted to discover each other food specialities . I gave Julia a french recipe and she gave me an Austrian recipe. We had to explain how we cooked it and what we thought about it. For that occasion I invited some friends to share this meal with me.

I’m very sorry I can’t show you the pictures now, I had a problem with my camera I will post them as soon as possible.

The starter

The starter was a kind of soupe with some semolina, I didn’t expect to like it so it surprises me a lot. The first time I read the recipe, I thought that it would be  weird and I was not sure about the combination of the semolina and the beef broth. At first, I was  worried about the proportion because when you start to cook the semolina you have to make a shape, which looks bigger on the picture and it’s very small on the plate. So before I boiled it, I was very scared that it would be too light and too small for a starter. But when we cook the semolina it became bigger. I was so relieved to see it. I have to admit that it was very good and I think I will do it again because I really liked it. And the presentation was very pretty.

( picture coming soon )

The Main course

The main course was a veal cutlet with some potatoes. I had to make the veal cutlet breaded. It was really delicious. The taste made me think of a french dish « le cordon bleu ». . It was a very easy pretty light dish. I recommend it for lunch. The parsley mixed with the potatoes add an incredible taste to the recipe. I haven’t got a lot to say as it was very good. I have to admit that the veal was not dry as It was breaded.

The dessert


I think the dessert was my favorite part of the meal, because as you know I love all the sweet things.But unfortunatly I was a bit unluky and I almost burnt the dessert. I was very surprised with the preparation, I had to prepare a kind of pancake pastry and cook it in a pan, but not like pancakes because I had to pour all the pastry at the same time. I was very doubtful because I had never done that before and I tried to follow the recipe but the pastry had burnt too much.  That was pretty scary and I wasn’t very sure. At the end I loved it. It was funny because it tasted like the cake I gave Julia «  Le far breton » Also I had some dried grape with it and it gave a really sweet taste.

So that was my impression of this meal, and I have to admit that Austrian food is really good .I didn’t expect  I would love it  that much but it’s a great gastronomic experience because it is a way for me to taste new food and share a meal  with some friends. Also Julia is amazing because I asked her some questions while I was cooking and she replied to me so quikly. I really loved doing this collaboration It was new for me because I had never done that before.

I hope you guys like it , I leave you the recipe I you guys want to try Austrian food , if you did leave me a comments down bellow to tell me what you think about it . I will see you guys for other blog post.

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