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Dear little sister ♥ #2: challenging yourself


Hi everyone, today I want to talk about life goals and confidence. I wanted to talk about that because in my life I’ve been struggling a lot with my confidence and I’m still working on it. That’s why I wanted to share my story with you and give you some tips at the same time . I’ve already written an article like this one which was called dear little sister, and this articles is like the second part of it.

You know that three years ago, I was the kind of girl who was very shy and scared about everything. I was completly lost with myself and didn’t know who I really was. I wasn’t confident with myself and always worried about what people thought about me. It was very hard for me because I never took initiative . I couldn’t stand dangerous things and competition always made  me nervous and bad with myself. I was that girl who was scared to smile or to talk to people.


But one day I decided to react , I was fed up with hearing people that I couldn’t be brave enough to do some things or I was too shy so they didn’t want to talk to me.

So I made a list with all the things I wanted to change in my life. I made myself some goals and wrote them on a paper. Who I wanted to be. So I created myself some goals to reach and everytime I was sad I was telling myself that I had  some goals and I had to reach them.

  1. My first goal was to feel better with my body otherwise to lose weight, So I started to do more sport and eat healthier. I also started to learn about my body.
  2. My second goal was to talk to people a bit more and easily. So I  started to hang out more with different people and being more chatty.

These two  things made me feel more lively, I started to enjoy more the little things of life. And more important I started to trust myself because I could prove myself that I was able to do things.

Sometimes in life you have to act if you want your life to change, things never happen without you. It’s your life and you have to be courageous and do your best to succeed. But you have to know that it’s an exercice you have to do on your own. No one can help you for that, you have to learn about you and believe in you to reach your goals. It may sometimes be hard because sometimes you do something but you fail. But you have to convince yourself that the next time you will do better and work harder.


I think that everything is possible, if you have a dream you have to do everything you can to make it comes true . Everyone can be who he wants to be, never let people tell you that you will fail. For example, I want to be a doctor and everyone tells me that it is too difficult and I can’t do it. But I believe in myself and I know I can do it.

If I share this with you guys it’s to tell you that we all have our weaknesses but we all can go over that. If we all help each other, we can all win this fight. If you think that no one believes in you and your abilities , you have to know that I believe in you. I know you can do it. Challenging yourself is good because it helps you  push yourself harder, to prove you that you can do  lots of things.

I hope you guys liked it, tell me on the comment two goals you would like to reach in your life it would be nice to share.

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Love you guys !♥


3 thoughts on “Dear little sister ♥ #2: challenging yourself

  1. “Things never happen without you” I love that!! First things first, you’re going to be one of the best doctors EVER, so you carry on working hard and believing in yourself and let me know when you get there I’ll be standing there waiting for you to cross that finish line, because I believe in you. This is such an uplifting and inspirational post, I’m really glad I read it thanks so much for writing it!& two of my goals are to become a successful best selling author and to lose weight and become the healthiest I’ve ever been. We’ll support each other along the way and we can both get there! Xxxx

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