1 Week in england , 1 Picture a day

Hi everyone, how you guys doing ? last week I was  away for a few days to go and visit my  friends in England. You can’t imagine how excited I was to go there, because the last time I went there I was with my school and it wasn’t like when I go on holidays because I was with pupils and most of the time I was speaking french. So I didn’t feel like I was in the country … if you see what I mean … So I took some pictures of my trip and wanted to share them with you. It’s one picture for each day.

On Wednesday 

I took the plane on wednesday in Nantes at 10 o’clok , I have to admit that I was very worried about it, even if the flight was just 55 min long, but you know I’m this kind of person who’s very scared about all the transports ….

We arrived in Gatwick at 11 o’clock , then we took the train to Victoria station.Then  we took the coach during 2 hours. We drove through London so I could take some pictures. That  was so nice but there was a lot of traffic. London is always  very busy.


We arrived at 6 pm  and I was so exhausted after a day in the transport. You know when you had a long journey in the  transports and the only thing you want to do is relax in your bed .

gift simson.gif

On Thursday 

The next day we had a lovely walk in Blakeney, If you don’t know where it is ,it is a little english seaside resort  in Norfolk. If one day you have the opportunity to go and visit   Norfolk go  and visit Blakeney. It’s really cute. After our walk we stop at a tea shop and we had a lovely time enjoying our tea and a piece of cake.


On Friday 

Friday was a very personal and sad day so I have nothing really interesting for you guys to share with you.

On Saturday

On saturday, I was  chill in with friends because you know we don’t see each other very often so I just enjoyed my time with them. we had lunch in Norwich in a really nice pub. We went to the starbuck and we enjoyed our time chatting.


On Sunday

On Sunday we had a lovely walk with the dogs at Blinkling Hall , the weather was actually really nice so it was percfect to walk with the dogs and let them enjoy their time.



On Monday

On Monday my mum and I went shopping in Norwich. It was so nice because the weather was so warm and sunny so we enjoyed our time so much. P1100529

We had lunch near the market in a really nice spot, where we could see all the city . It was so nice. Then we went shopping at Primark , I wanted to buy some stationary things so we went to Paperchase and others …

On Tuesday

On tuesday we spent  time in the transport because before taking the plane we had a night at some friends’ in London . Our flight was at 8am the next day so we had to wake-up at 4am to be at the airport at 5am. Anyway we didn’t’ do much that day.


My trip ends up here guys , I had the best trip ever. It was so nice to see my friends again and spend time with them. I miss them so much. I hope you guys liked  it.

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Anyway I will talk to you in another post, I love you guys ♥

May xx




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