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How to survive at school when you’re new ?

It’s nearly back to school and maybe you’re going to be new at  school, I know how hard it can be sometimes to be new somewhere . You probably feel very different with the other students and quiet lonely.

If you’re shy it’s even more difficult for you to go and make friends or go and talk to people. So I have some little tips for you , if you’re new in your school or in your class.


1-  Smile : It’s very difficult to find people who look friendly, so if you want people to come and talk to you, you really should show them that you’re friendly. A little smile can change everything I promise you it works. Don’t be afraid to show your pretty smile.


2- Ask for  help : I think one of the best way to talk to someone is to ask  for help, because you start a conversation. For example if you didn’t understand the last maths course. You should ask your neighbor and then start talking about the school.


3-Ask questions : Sometimes it can be very difficult to start an interesting conversation, I advice you  just to ask them about what they like to do. People love talking about themselves. And if you see that you have some things in  common, It will come very naturally.


4-Don’t act too much : When we want to look great in front people sometimes we forget to just be ourselves, which is really bad because people don’t want you to be someone else. Just relax and be yourself.


5-Be nice : Be nice with everyone I mean don’t choose  who you will smile to and  who you won’t. Every person needs to be known so try to talk to everyone. And don’t judge people with the first impression or with what someone else says. Make your own judgment and try to learn more about them.



6- Don’t pay attention to the populars : They always act as if they are the best and they look so fancy. You mustn’t  be afraid of them. They are like you, they are humans and if you don’t pay attention to them they won’t pay attention to you .


7-Give your ideas: If one day you have to do a pair work, give your ideas to people, don’t be afraid to say what you think. It’s not because you work with some smart people that you’re not smart . People usually like people who are not frightened to say  what they think.



8- Stand up straight : It’s very important because you will show  people that your are confident and strong. I think people will be more attracted to go and talk to someone who looks confident instead of someone who looks very sad and not sure.


9- Be open-minded : Try to listen to people and pay attention to them, give your help when someone needs it. Try to get involved in conversations. I know how hard it is but you have to think that it  is not a big deal. You will get nothing if you don’t try.


So I hope you guys liked it, tell me in the comment if you are back at school and how it was. If you haven’t , if you’re stressed or not. Anyways I will see you another blog post guys. Don’t forget to believe in yourself and that I love you ♥

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8 thoughts on “How to survive at school when you’re new ?

  1. This won’t be neccesary for me this year, since I’m just starting in the same class I’ve been with for the past 9 years, but when I go on exchange next year, I definitely think I’ll be needing some of this advice!
    Great post:D


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