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5 tips to have an organized desk

Hi everyone, how are you ? So as you know It’s back to school time. If you used to work on a messy desk or in a messy office, today I’m going to help you to  have an organized desk or office  for your school work or usual work.


1 : Tidying important papers : I know that on my desk I always have some papers everywhere and when I have some important papers to find I never find them. So , I always put all my important papers in a sorter and when I need them I just have to take my sorter. I advice you to sort out all your papers and to put them in a file because it doesn’t take that much space.


2 : Tidy your desk drawers at least once a month : You should because drawers are always full of random things and instead of keeping useless things we could have this space to put important papers or desk essentials.

3 : Tidy all your stuff in boxes : so boxes are your best friends ! If you don’t have that much storage space , boxes will help you to keep your desk organized and clean. Because you can put everything in boxes and there are lots of different sizes of boxes , that’s perfect to tidy anything. I advise you to put a little sticker on each boxes with name of what types of things you put in them .

4 : Have a note board : because when we work we usually need to write some notes and we put them a bit everywhere, so I advice you to have a note board to stick all your notes on it. You can find those kinds of boards everywhere in stationery shops or in supermarkets.


5 : Always have a to do list : I love lists, I’m the type of person who can’t live without planning everything on my to do list. I have to admit that it’s the best way to keep me organized. I write everything I have to do or things I have to sort out , places I have to go to and sometimes things I have to buy. If you are visual , to do lists will help you.

6: Only  keep things you need : as a human we are used to keep  lots of unnecessary things and it makes our space very messy sometimes so I advice you to do a list of what you want to keep on your desk which seems essential for you and then throw or tidy  the things  you will not use. If you think like that you will see that your desk will be more organized.

A photo by Jeff Sheldon.

7 : My last tip for you guys is to respect the place you work in, having an organized area to work in  is good but it won’t always be  as organized . I mean if you don’t like this space, you won’t take care of it. So I advice you to put a bit of colours or put some pictures you like. Make sure you feel good in it and you will  keep it organized .

So I hope you liked it, tell me in the comments if you prefere working in an office or in your room ?

have a good week ! ♥




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