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5 reason why you should laugh and smile everyday ?


Hi everyone, so today I wanted to do a kind of motivating post, if somethimes you feel bad or feel miseralbe this post is for you to feel better. Because we all have those kind of moments where we feel so unusfull or bad with our selves.

I think somethimes we complain so much about ourselves that we don’t even see the positive in our lives. It’s sad because we could be so much happier if we stop complaining about nearly everything.

Sometimes we should think more positively and be happy of what we already got. It’s why I wanted to show you 5 reason why you should smile and laught everyday.

1- Laughing is the secret of longevity : some doctors said that laughing could help us to live more longuer. I think that everyday we should find something to laught about. I try to laugh everyday, maybe It seems stupid for some people, but i’m feel more happier like that. People who laugh easly are more attractive bytheway. Also laughing is good cure to relax. Think about it.

2- It’s the key of happiness : If you try to smile and laugh more you will see that life will looks prettier because smiling and laughing brings positives vibes. People will be more confortable with you because they will see this little bit of joy in you. You have to keep in your mind that you’re beautifull when you smiling.

smile 2.jpg

3- You help other people around you : Some people just need to see someone with a sparkling smile to be happy. Perhaps in their lives they don’t smile a lot and just seing you very cheerful will bring them a zest for life. If you smile to them , they will maybe smile back to you. I think , we should all try to catch  those pretty gifts of life.

4- It keeps you positive : For some reasons smiling everyday help me to be more positive because I see thing more prettier and It helps me to move forward. I always tell my self that nobody can takes my happiness because It’s my strengh. Maybe It could be yours too, people who don’t like you will be very upset to see you smiling, so enjoy this moment and keeps smiling.


5- Smiling helps you to be more confidente : Someone who smile looks more confidente and attractive than someone who always looks angry. People react differently with them because they want to know more about this person who look happy and nice.

So I hope you guys liked it, tell me in the comments what have made you smile this week or today



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