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What made me feel happy this month ?

Hi guys, so I hope you are all well. It’s the end of the month of september and as it was an important month for me, I wanted to share with you what made me feel happy this month. It a mix of random things and things which happened in the month.


1- My back to school : Because this back to school have been so cool, it was a kind of challenge for me because I am in a new school. And It means that I had to talk to people but it went very well.So I think It was the best back to school ever, I met some lovely people and made some lovely friends.


2- My style :I have to admit that this month I am pretty proud of myself because I’ve decided not  to do like everyone and express myself. You know if you have been  following me that I have struggled  a lot with self confidence . So these school years I’ve decided to be myself and not  to care about what people think. For instance before I was very worried when I bought something not ordinary because I was always anxious about people ‘s  point of view but this year I’ve decided that I wouldn’t mind , and I assume my style. To be honest at the beginning I was very upset  but now I feel so free.



3- Sport : This month was  very busy but I still had some time to go running. And guess what I managed  to run three times a week ! Maybe for some of you it’s not that much but for me it’s incredible ! I’ve never pushed myself that much before so I am very glad.


4- I had new slippers : Oh my god how not  to talk about this, I have  the cutest and  the most comfortable slippers ever. Seriously I had never been so happy with this type of things.


5- Me  and my mum started to cook more, and seriously it feels so good because we cook healthier and we can see a serious change. And we  appreciate eating and we have a good dinner.



So I hope you guys liked it, I’m sorry because I’m not very active on my blog at the moment but I have to admit that I am very busy ! I miss it , not  being active and also I miss you guys♥

Tell me on the comment what you loved this month or if there is  something which made you happy this month . I am very curious to know so let me know in the comments below .

So don’t forget to likethis post, or commentaire.




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