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My last lazy fall morning Routine

Hi everyone,

So how are you ? I know that these days I was very bad at blogging but you know I wasn’t  in the mood to write something. I can’t  promise you to be very active at the moment because I have to admit that I struggle a lot to be punctual with my blog post. But I miss you guys.

When I have no homework and basically nothing very important to do I like taking my time and just chill. We all have those days when we want to be relaxed and think just of  us and do what we love doing.


Fall is the perfect season to stay in bed and just chill in, so in the morning I just love staying comfy in my bed. You really should give yourself this kind of happy moment. It’s really important to be lazy sometimes and just put your life on off. It’s vital  not to think about your everyday life and just think of you. In those kinds of day, I take time to do what I really love doing. As I’m a christmas lover I usually watch some vlogmas on youtube. I get even more excited for christmas.

For my breakfast, I love taking something a bit sweet which will make me wanna  to wake up. Because honestly breakfast is the only thing which helps me to get up . Please enjoy a good breakfast because there is nothing better for the mood . So at the moment I love porridge with some fruit and a good tea. I just take my time, I usually eat  in front of a Youtube video .

Photo by Magda Fou on Unsplash


I make myself a big cup of tea. I try to find some blog post ideas because it is also something I like to do. I try to find some inspirations in magazines or  on internet. I also love listening to a Spotify playlist .

In the afternoon, I like walking, because it helps me to get off the internet world. I don’t know you but sometimes I just need to breath the fresh air, not think of what is happening on the internet or on our planet. I just need to see how beautiful the nature is. And remember how much I love fall.

My outfit :

IMGP4512.JPGTaking time for yourself is the  best way to unwind. I get so busy sometimes with my homework and my personal life that  I just forget what  is surrounding me. I love fall but I just don’t take time to stop and watch all the beautiful leaves or take time to go for a walk and make the most of  this season. I think we should all try to take time to live our life more slowly and appreciate the actual moments. We always want  to rush everything but sometimes the best  moments are the simplest.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

If you guys liked it, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments below . Tell me in the comments below what you love doing in a chilly fall day. I am very curious to know. Thanks very much to read my blog.

PS: Thanks to my best friend who edit the video, I really like it, she did a really great job on it.


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