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How to cozy up your room for Christmas ? ♥

Hi everyone , so as you can see it’s the beginning of the christmas season ! I am so happy to be in december. As you know I am a christmas lover. All year long I wait for christmas. I also have to admit that I usually start to listen to christmas song at the end of october ( I know that it is a bit extreme).But you know I just can’t resist. Anyway as It’s the begining of december I thought that you guys would maybe start to decorate your home. I love decorating my home for christmas and I have some little tips for you to cosy up your room. So if you don’t really know how to put a cosy and christmasy atmosphere into your room. This is for you !

So maybe you don’t know what kind of style to choose for your room, I found some different styles of living rooms on the internet you may like .

If you want a modern style, this year wood is very vogue for christmas. You can match the colour of the wood with some white blankets and white cushions.  To warm your living room, you can put some lights near your sofa.


If you like rose gold you can match rose gold with white.It’s a kind of modern style,


If you like traditional decorations, I advice you to mix  red,green and white. These are christmas colours. You also can hang some christmas stockings and fake gifts above your fireplace. It will remind you of your childhood .


6 Essentials you must have for your Christmas decoration

1- Blankets : blankets are the thing to make your room comfortable  especially  for christmas . Try to choose something pretty and soft. There are lots of different types of blankets. I advice you to match the colours of your blanket with the colours of your room.


2- Candles : It’s the best way to give a soft light into your room. Feel free to put as many as you want. Make sure you choose different shapes and nice scents

3- Cushions : Try to match the colour of the cushions with the colour of your sofa.  I love the cushions with quotes on them. I think that is so cute and it gives something else to the sofa.


4-Fake fireplace: Because Christmas isn’t Christmas without a fireplace. So this is for people who haven’t got a fireplace ( like me ) . You must already know  this tip but I want it to share it. If you’re looking for something which replace a real fireplace, you can have a fake fireplace( an electric one). It wont be like a real one but I really think that it will be fine

5- Light garlands : You really should put some light garlands in your room because it creates a sparkling atmosphere. It also looks very pretty.


6-The christmas tree : I think it’s something very personnal because everyone decorates his christmas tree in his own way. But the only thing I can tell you is  that the colour of the decorations in your room should be the same as your christmas tree. It’s just an idea. Don’t forget to have fun and do something that you love.


Anyway I hope you guys liked this post ! I found my inspiration with the home which are sold in “Douglas Elliman Florida “.  I hope you will have as much fun decorating your room as I had writing this post.





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