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My thoughts about 2016



Hi everybody ! So I hope you guys had the best Christmas ever. 2016 is nearly over … This year went so fast. I can’t even believe that we are already the end of December…

This year have been very turbulent year  emotionally , lots of good and also bad things happened to me ! So many things happened and to end it properly I want it to recap  the  year.

I think that every year we all change, during the year we all get through different moments. We also get through beautiful things and I think it’s important to remind them. I feel like it’s something very resourceful to just recap all the things we shared with our family or friends.

This post is the last post of the year 2016 and I wanted to share with you positive vibes for the end of this year.

I  created this blog on october 2015, I had  never thought that in 2016 I would still be attached to this blog. Thanks to this blog, this year I had some amazing opportunities. I learned to work in collaboration. I talked with some amazing people which are in different countries. I never thought that I could ever collaborate with an American brand.

I also never thought that people could be interested in my work by the way. I tried to reach some little challenge and never gave up. It has been a bit difficult to stay productive on this blog because  lots of things were going on in my  personal life. But I always loved writing all those things for you guys.

At the end of last year I had some goals that I wanted to reach in 2016, I didn’t succeed to reach all of them. But what matter is what I achieved and what I learned with it.



1 – This year I noticed that I was able to go and talk to people without being uncomfortable. It seems nothing for some people but for me it’s a lot. I can get very uncomfortable sometimes with people. So I am very happy I have been able to do that.


2- I challenged myself to do some swimming competitions. It wasn’t an easy challenge because it was scary to go and just give the best of myself. I was so scared to make a fool of myself. But in the end, I lost but you know what ? I didn’t care at all because I was so happy. I was able to force myself and just try it. I learn that every time that I have an opportunity to do something I have to try it and be happy of what I did even if I lose because the most important is  to try and never give up.


3- I pushed myself to practise more sports ! I’ve started to run I’m so happy about it  because before ,running was something that I used to hate. When I had to run it was a torture I promise you.  Now that I am a bit more used to,I kind of like it. If one day someone had told me that I would love running I would  have obviously laugh. Now I think that running help me to relax, because you know sometimes when you have too many things to handle, it’s great to have something which  reminds you how brave and courageous you are.

4- I worked very hard to take my exams and I succeeded. It was very stressful and long. I remained concentrated and tried to do the best I could. Finally I passed .

So I hope you guys had an amazing year. I hope you will remember all the good things you did this year. Tell me in the comment what you managed to achieve in 2016. I’m pretty curious.

Also if you want to know me a bit more and see me in my everybody life you can go in my instagram ♥♥ __agirllikeyou__

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One thought on “My thoughts about 2016

  1. I feel like we all had the same feeling about 2016 haha it’s been weird because we’ve had great moments to remember and some bad ones too. 2017 is going to be so much better I think! Happy New Year!! x

    Zoel Hernández |

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