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My goals for 2017

It’s finally 2017, I love this time of the year because It’s like we finish a book to start a new story. I am one of those who always have new resolutions every year ( even if I don’t stick to them ). I love them because it motivates me to think that this year is mine. Every year we have a chance to change our lives. I feel like we want things to change. It’s possible we just have to believe it harder and harder.

I want 2017 to be mine. I feel like it’s going to be a great year. It’s not just a feeling I will do my best to make it bright and beautiful.

I want you  to share with me my 2017 new goals.It’s a way for me to share with you some positive vibes. I would like to encourage  you to make 2017 your year and kill in it.

1- Say yes.

I want to allow myself more things. Last year I noticed that I said no way too much. And most of the time I regretted it. I think it  is because as I am scared I choose the easy choice. I usually choose not to try. But in  the end I always regret it. This year I will say yes more often. No matter how scared I am what it is but I will allow myself more good things.

2- Read more.

I really should read more, the thing is ,I always feel like I haven’t time to read. But in reality I just don’t take enough time to read. Also Next year I will have an exam that requires  lots of literature knowledge. This year I promise  I will read more classical books instead of watching series.

3- Stop being distracted

I get distracted too easily when I work. It’s a real problem because things which normally takes 10 mins usually takes  me 20 mins for me to finish it. It’s because I can get distracted by nearly everything. So this year I’ve decided to find a way to be focussed on what I do. ( if  you have any tips tell me in the comments )

4-Be more active on social media

I don’t really like social medias. I feel like I don’t belong  to them, I mean It’s very difficult for me to stay active. I just don’t know what to say. But I’m going to try to post a bit more and share with you guys my everyday life.

5- Sticking to a new workout routine

I try to run sometimes and I practise swimming twice a week. I would like to go further. I would like to find a fitness routine that I will love and which kill’s my muscle. I get used to things very easily so I would like to find a workout that really fits me.

6- Smile & laugh everyday.

It’s the most important thing for me to have a happy year ! It’s to smile and laugh everyday, to see the positive things in life.

So they are my goals for this year, please tell me in the comment what are your goals for this new year. I wish you guys  have the best year ever. We are  all going to kill in it.


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