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Cost Of Living in Canada for International Students


There are plenty of living options for international students in Canada. These depend on whether you are staying for a short term such as an exchange program or for the entire duration of your studies. Affordable and comfortable accommodation is the best way to land good living quarters while in Canada. Some of the options you can choose include:

Short-term stay in hotels:

Once you arrive in Canada, you can choose to stay in a hotel as you seek a more permanent place of residence. Hotels offer private rooms, access to amenities and daily cleaning services among other perks. If you are going to stay in a hotel, make your booking in advance, especially during the peak tourist season from May to August. The cost of staying in a hotel varies depending on quality. Off course, hotels in larger cities will be more expensive than those in smaller towns although they are still clean and comfortable. The cost of staying in a five star hotel will be upwards of C$250 while the moderately priced hotels cost between C$55 to 135. Staying at a bed and breakfast inn will cost you anything between C$35 to C$105 per night depending on the location.

Youth hostels

Youth hostels such as the YWCA and the YMCA provide excellent accommodation options for international students on temporary stay. Hostelling is one of the most inexpensive ways of staying in any Canadian city. Within youth hostels, facilities such as toilets baths and kitchens are shared and rates are calculated daily. The average cost of a youth hostel is about C$10 to C$20 per night. YMCA and YWCA hostels are inexpensive, clean and safe with extra amenities such as pools, fitness centers at the cost of about C$25 to C$45 per night. When choosing a youth hostel, ensure it is inspected and approved by the Canadian Hostelling Association. The only challenge of staying in a youth hostel is the plenty of rules that you should abide by. Violating these rules could get you kicked out.

School provided accommodation

If you are lucky enough, the school may organize your accommodation during your stay in Canada. Canadian families often welcome international students on exchange programs in form of Homestays, which is a great way to experience Canadian life. Homestays charge a placement fee and an average monthly accommodation charge of between C$400 to C$800. Another school provided accommodation option is the residence/dormitory arrangements, which are conveniently placed within the campus. Rooms vary in sizes and quality and cost between C$3000 to C$7500 per school year.

Off campus housing

Finally, you can choose to stay off campus in the various apartments near York University. Renting can either be shared or a studio apartment. Most housing communities that cater for students provide furnished apartments with the basic necessities for C$250 to C$700 per month for shared living and up to C$1500 for studio apartments per month.



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