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How to stay motivated in your school work or regulary work ?


 Motivation is the most important thing to be productive. But sometimes , it is the most complicated thing to reach. We all want to be productive and succeed in our work,our school work or in stuff we do. The only thing we miss is the motivation. I always say that if your are motivated enough you already reach the half of what you have to do. Sure I am like you, sometimes I’m just lazy and I don’t want to work. I don’t have enough motivation to move my butt of the coach. That is why in this post I am going to give some tips to motivate yourself and how to stay motivated.


At first you have to ask yourself why you are doing that ? What goal you want to reach ? what reasons you absolutely have to do it for ? Asking yourself those questions will help you to get a purpose. As human beings, it’s easier for us to go and reach something, instead of working for nothing. Write on a paper all your goals and what you have to do to reach it. Everything will be less blurred in your head.juliette-leufke-154599

Believe in yourself, don’t tell yourself you’re a loser . It obviously won’t help you to get what you want. Tell yourself that you can do it. If other people have already done it, you also have your chance to do it right. If you keep moaning at the beginning you will have more difficulties to finish what you have to do. Personally I believe in you, I know you can do it but you are the only person who can really push yourself. This is the most important thing and this is what will help you. You’ve to believe in you strength and your abilities. Think about what you would get if you reached your goals.

Some people need to congratulate themselves to stay motivated and be more productive. I’m not one of those people, I don’t know why but it doesn’t work for me. But maybe it is good for you, you never know if you don’t try. But keep in mind that everything you do is for you and what you want to reach.


So now let’s see how to stay motivated !

Give yourself some breaks
Go for long walks , because it’s important for your health and your brain to breathe some fresh air. If you block on something and you kind of get your nerve on . Stop what you are doing and go out for half an hour. You think you will lose some time. But I promise you that you won’t You have to calm down and think about something else. After that you will see that you will even be more productive and thing will go easier. blake-lisk-163061
Make a check list :
Always remind yourself what you succeeded before. It’s important to see how you keep up with your goals. Maybe now you have reached some little goals but with the time you will reach your all time goals. Make a list and check every little things you have reached. It will push you forward to do your best.
Don’t be too hard on yourself
I know It’s something hard to do because I’m the first to push myself too much sometimes. But I learned that It’s not always the great thing to do. Because in the end I blame myself not to do the right things. Sometimes you have to take it slow and it’s ok if you don’t succeed at everything you want reach.
giphy 3
Do it in different ways :
Sometimes it’s difficult for you to stay motivated because you always do the same things. And let’s be honest, it can be quite boring to stay motivated and to not give up. I advise you to change your habits and do things differently. Maybe you can make your task fun.
May Xx

7 thoughts on “How to stay motivated in your school work or regulary work ?

  1. Awesome read on motivational strategy & yeah I liked the picture of doughnuts keep on blogging.

    Similarly we had written ,Why it is important to have a content calendar for every social media you use as brand & every medium is different from others is explained in this new blog about social media marketing. Thanks , would love to have feedback on it.

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  2. Hey! Really liked this post!

    I saw your comment in the community pool and I’m glad I stopped by. Staying motivated consistently over time can be a huge struggle, and this post had some great pointers.

    Thanks so much for sharing, I’ll be sure to check back.


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