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// Spring outfit inspiration for him and her //


Spring… is here !! At last ! So it means that it’s the end of cold and grey days ! Now you’re free to dress lightly and wear shorts and skirts. I love spring weather because It’s not too hot and everything seems to be reborn again. After a long winter on our couchs thinking how great the summer will be.I’m very excited to try some new things. Spring is like a first impression of the summer, it boosts our mood to try new things or take resolutions.
But If I’m talking to you now it’s not to discuss about the weather. ( even If I could … ) It’s to show you what outfits would be nice to wear and what colours I’m into this spring.
We should all enjoy spring to show bright colours and express ourselves with eccentric or casual outfits.
So I decided to show four looks, two outfits for women and two outfits for men.
spring outfits 2
For the first look, I chose to put together a denim short with some flowers which remind spring really well. As I love off shoulder shirt I chose this cute stripy shirt. It’s a really cute outfit you can wear on warm spring day. I add a kimono with it because it’s not a summer weather yet so we still need something not to get cold. I chose some pink converse shoes to add a bit of cuteness to the outfit. I also pick this really nice bag which fits with every outfit. Moreover the rayban glasses look amazing with it. I love this outfit for the casual and comfortable look it gives.
Sans titre #5

For this look I chose something quite simple as sometimes the simplest things are the best. So for men in spring the khaki colour shows a kind a fresh style, that’s why I like it so much. So I chose a plain khaki shirt with black skinny ripped jeans. Then , I took some black PUMA shoes which look very classy with this outfit. The sunglasses also give a serious look. I’m completely in love with It. What I like with this outfit is that it looks very casual but a bit smart too. You can wear it for every occasion. It also looks very comfortable so with the warm weather it fits really well .

Sans titre #6
This is a night out look, It can be worn at any occasion it’s why I really like It. So for this look I really draw the attention to the old pink colours as in spring we want something fresh and bright. That’s why I chose this beautiful bronze mini skirt which gives a glam look to the outfit. With that I add this cute beige off shoulder top, I really like the twist details which give a kind of classy look. For the shoes I opt for some very glamorous black heels. Finally I add a little accessory the sunglasses which keep a girly look because of the pink colour.
Sans titre #7
For the men night out look, I chose something quite casual. In spring we want to be comfortable even when we go out. So first I chose Canali dress pants in a navy colours, it gives a very serious look. For the top I chose a white blue stripy T-shirt, it give a more casual look and fits really well with the pants. Then I took this black jacket which keeps the look serious. Finally to finish the look I took some sneakers , they give a kind of young fresh style.
So as you can see this year I’m actually into the bright colours such as pink, blue and denim. But I also like khaki and navy blue. With those colours you always look young and fresh when you wear them .

SO I hope you guys liked this post, It was a pleasure for me to write it. I inspired myself with bonobos style, here is a link of their populor better-fitting men’s pants



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