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Have you ever thought of your dream dressing ROOM ?

Hi everyone ! How are you ? It’s been so long since I talked to you… We are in June now, I know that I’m always saying that but «  where does the time go? » I’ve finished school the 12th of June so now I have all my time to work on my blog. And I’m so excited to show you my summer articles !!

As you know I like decoration so that is why I wanted to make you dream with me about my dream closet. Like many girls I would love to have the same dressing room as Julia Roberts in Pretty Women. But unfortunately I don’t have enough money to afford it and also I don’t have enough space in my flat. But I have enough imagination to create my own dream dressing room!

In this article I’m going to show you what I would put in this room and the color I would choose. Maybe it’s going to give you some ideas if you want to change your dressing room or if you want to add more decoration.

I show you some dressing rooms I saw on pinterest and I selected my favorites.


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Personally for my dressing room I dream of a huge room with cream walls. The theme would be a pinky and vintage style. Because it may look a bit of a cliche but I just love girly stuff and when it is mixed with vintage style I just love it. My walls would be covered with shelves and wardrobe.

I would surely put a sofa because you know I’m the kind of girl who loves having girl party. So I would probably often have my friends around. That’s why I want them to get cozy while I show them little pieces of outfits I found. I would choose a baby pink sofa as I literally fell in love with a barrow chesterfields upholstered sofa. It just looks really cute and vintage because it has this really nice British taste that I love. I really think it would fit perfectly in a dressing room.

favorites sofa

I want all my clothes sorted out so that’s why I need a lots of shelves fixed to the wall in white color. I think I would have a shelf for my shoes and my bags. I really love when everything is perfectly organized That’s why I love Ikea because they sell some really nice storage and it’s not too expensive.



For the light I want the room to be very bright, so I would love to have a window to get a natural light . And I would put on some peachy pink colored curtain. I found them in JOSS and MAIN they were only $59,99. I would have a really nice chandelier from Houseology fixed in the ceiling, also their is some really nice lighting and pendant lighting  at Arhaus . I just fell in love with this one because of the vintage style. I think It would give a touch of glamor to the room. And I would love to have a TV in my dressing room, I know it may not be useful but you know I would probably use this room to get ready and maybe also to chill with my friend. So why not a TV in a dressing room?

pink dressing room

I would also probably put some paintings on the walls, with some girly quotes. I really love those kind of paintings because it gives a nice and cozy style.


I hope you guys liked this article, I inspired myself with the site Arhaus which  sells amazing pieces of furniture. You guys should check this site.





6 thoughts on “Have you ever thought of your dream dressing ROOM ?

  1. Such similar tastes! Pink is one of my favorite colors so I am dying in love with the decor you picked! And I’m a sucker for ballerina flats so this closet is definitely heavenly!

    Sending love,

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