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Best tips to survive College

Hi everyone ! I hope you’re all doing well ! This week I come back with a different kind of article. I know for some of you it’s the beginning of holidays and you may not want to hear about school. But I had this nice project to work on. It is about college and I thought if some of you go to college next year . You may want to have some little advice before starting this new life.
So for this article I had a bit of help from my family and my friends, because to be honest I’m not at college yet. But some people in my family have already been. so I kind of interviewed them to know what they recommend to have a good year at college.
You have to know that all those experiences are from people who studied in France. It may be different in other countries.
1- Organize yourself with your Work
If college is different from high school it’s because you have to do your own timetable. It is not something very simple. The thing is you have to be very organized. You have to try not to forget any lessons and to have time for your personal work.
It’s also because the amount of work is not the same. You may not have a lot of homework but you have to do a lot of revision and personal work. You must control your time and make everything possible to be efficient. You don’t have time for procrastinate.
Be organized in your notes because you don’t want to lose them or be messy in your work. For this, I advice you to find somewhere clean and tidy to work. Have all your notes well classified in a file. It’s very important for you because for the exam you don’t want to stress because you have lost your notes.
2- Try to find some help
In my country when you go to a public college it’s free, but I know that in some other countries the year is very expensive. It can be difficult for some people to manage with that. So I know that there are some organizations that help students with their money. They make things easier for them. Like Earnest, they help you manage your student loan payments and even save you some money. If you want to know more check them out here.
3- Have a healthy lifestyle
It may be a cliche but it’s very important to be healthy. I’m one of those who think that we are way more productive when you have a healthy spirit in a healthy body. At college you have to be mentally and physically strong because your mind reacts with your body.
For this, it’s recommended to have a good night of sleep. Don’t work too late at night. Your work is less efficient, when tired. Don’t lose your time with a none productive work. You will feel better and you will be willing to work harder. You will be more focused and interested in your work.
Try to escape your mind with something you love. Your brain is always working that’s why you need to have some rest to relax a bit and have fun. So you can practice sport or play music or even read a book, see your friends. It can be something you do once a week. The aim is to allow your mind a bit of space and then to start working again with a more productive mind.
4- Have a good area to live.
If you share an apartment, you have to be very careful with the people you live with . Sometimes, we live with people who don’t have the same goals as us and who don’t care about yours. Try to escape the kind of roommates who don’t help for cleaning tasks, who want to party every night at your house. Try to surround yourself with some people you are sure to experience a great year with.
I hope you guys liked those little advice. Tell me in the comments below in what year you are or if you go to college next year. I would love to know that.

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