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How to personalize your bedroom in summer ?


Hi everyone,

I hope you guys are all right. Summer Vacation are going so fast. As I found a summer job I don’t always have time to work on my little blog but these days I have some days off, I go for it to write some blog posts.

Today I come back with a summer bedroom decoration post. I really love decoration and I thought I could give you some ideas. I want to share with you what I would love to have in my bedroom to make it personal with some summer vibes.

I always thought that my room is the most personal place in my home. That’s why you need to find yourself inside. You have to feel comfortable and peaceful. All the things you choose have to be a personal choice.

1 – I tried to choose some pastel and pink colors, because those are colors that I love. As we are in summer, I think to have some light colors in your bedroom looks really nice. Have some throws on your bed, it will give a kind of cozy vibes in your room.

summer room

2- Have some pictures of you and your friends on your wall would be a perfect way to get your room more personal. To keep everything really cute you can try to choose some fun and cute picture frames. There are so many nice shops that sell some cute ones. If you don’t want to have pictures everywhere in your room, you can try digital frames. I think it can be a really nice way, if you want to have a more serious room. Pictures are scrolling and you can have all the photos you want.

summer art

3- Have some cute cushions. I love having some on my bed because it give a really nice vibe to the room. There are so many styles of cushion. My favourite ones are those with a quote or soft ones . Here are some I found with different prices.

summer cushion


4- If you’re an unconditional candles lover like me, you will seriously have fun to find the cutest and flawless ones. There are so many shops selling amazing ones. I know that Yankee Candles have some beautiful ones, they seriously smell good .As we are in summer I would be tempted to choose some sweeter and summery smells. Look at the ones I found on internet.

summer candles

5- Try to choose your furniture really well because as it can be very expensive you will probably keep it a long time. I love white and wood furniture because it really fits with any kind of decoration.

So  I hope you guys liked this post ! Tell me in the comments which candles do you prefer. Mine is the tomato soup one.




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