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How to get healthier easily ?

Hi everyone !

So today I come back with a kind of healthy post. If you have been following me since I started. You know that I’m a big lover of healthy stuff.It has been two years now that I have tried to get healthier. I feel like I kind of succeeded to create a good healthy lifestyle. That’s why today I wanted to share my healthy routine with you and give you advice to stay healthy.
I know how hard it can be to be healthy because there are too many goodies and unhealthy food in this world. But I always tell myself that my body will thank me. If I want to stop blaming myself about weight I have to do work with my mental strength.
So to get into a healthy routine you have to motivate yourself. If you want to keep this for a long time you have to be ready and motivated. I asked myself why I wanted to start a healthy lifestyle and what goals I wanted to achieve.
Try to prepare your meals, don’t eat ready-made dishes. For this, you have to do things slowly because it’s difficult to make the transition. You should try to eat veggies twice a week. Eat things you like, don’t try to torture yourself with food you dislike. For my meals I try to mix lots of food. I have to admit that I eat a lot of cereals… I’ve kind of fallen in love with quinoa. It can be mixed with nearly everything and it is really good. In summer, I prepare lots of salads. In summer, I eat them with fish, chicken and veggies.
I know that veggies can be quite expensive. what I recommend is to find in the supermarket the section where there are ugly veggies. They are cheaper and as good as the others .
Inspire yourself. The thing which helps me keep this healthy routine is to go and read about other people experiences. I love going on Instagram and see beautiful healthy recipes that people post. It is very inspiring . I want to try the recipes.
Have a snack. I’m the type who’s always a bit hungry between meals. It can be sometimes a bit frustrating. As you don’t want to eat something too fatty but you also want something good. So what I recommend, is to try healthy bars. These vegan bars are good for your health. What’s amazing about them is that I have a promo code for them. You can have 30 % off from your order with the code “MACRO30”. There are so many flavors that I’m sure you will find your favorite. Those snack Gomacro make sure that their bars are gluten free, organic and vegan protein bars. That’s why you can’t get any calories with them. They produce their products in their own farm. Go and read their story, you will see that it is very interesting and it is a lovely family project.
Practice sport, I swim twice a week and run at least once a week. Doing sport helps me keep being healthy. I tell myself that if I don’t eat well all the efforts I did during my workout will be ruined. If you start working out you will see that you don’t want to ruin your effort with junk food.
I hope this little advices will helps you. Tell me what is your healthy routine or your best advice to get healthier ?

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