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The best back to school outfit //

Hello Everyone,

I hope you guys are alright ! I know that back to school posts or You tube videos have started very early this year. I’m maybe a bit late but I just wanted to enjoy summer holidays fully before starting back to school blog posts. I’m one of these people who love back to school season. It feels like a new fresh start and I kind of love this thought. It’s the occasion to give the best of yourself for that new school year.

I wanted to show some outfits I would love to wear at my back to school. As it’s back to school you should please yourself with clothes you want to wear and express your style.

Outfit 1 : 

This is the kind of cosy and casual outfit that I would surely wear. I love feeling comfortable for back to school as I’m always a bit stressed. It really relaxes me to feel at  ease in my clothes.  This backpack and the shoes give a little bit of craziness to the outfit. It makes me feel more unique. I think it looks very cute.

back to school ! #3

Outfit 2 :

It looks more girly and pink. As you probably know I’m obsessed with pink stuff. I would surely wear this look everyday if I could ! But I know some schools ( including mine ) have some clothes rules and I think it won’t fit. If you change the top with a simplest one, the outfit still looks great.

untitled #2

Outfit 3 :

This may look  bit autumnal but I really enjoy it. I wanted to mix the dark colours with the pink shades. I have to admit that I love the result. The military jacket is one of my favourite and the dress looks so cute.

back to school !


So I hope you guys liked this post ! Tell me in the comments below which outfit is your favourite I would seriously love to know ! ♥

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