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Let’s do a wish list/Favorites for October !

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all alright. Fall is finally here and I’m so excited about it.  Since the beginning of september, the weather has been very sad and rainy where I live. It really puts me right away into the autumn vibes. Anyway, it has been a while that I have not posted a new article on this blog. To be honest,my back to school has kept me very busy . It’s a new year and a fresh start. That’s why today I want to share my wish list for october.
My wish list contains a lot of different things, It varies from,beauty, fashion, food and music.

Beauty :

I’m going to start with a beauty section. As there are  quite a few things that I’m very excited to try to get. You know that I’m not a beauty fan but when I find something that I really love I get excited for it right away. It’s a mix of very cheap and expensive products.

1- Naked heat palette from Urban Decay

I was not sure to put it on my wish list, as you probably have seen this everywhere on the internet. But I love this palette way too much. I can’t resist  not to share it with you. ( I want to be able to purchase this as soon as possible ) The colours are very mat and autumny. It would look perfect for fall season. I heard lots of good reviews on it. Also Urban Decay do some really good job with their palette collections so I don’t think that I will be disappointed. Tell me in the comments if you already own that palette and what you think of it.

2-Kylie Jenner New birthday collection

I never tried Kylie’s lipstick mostly because it would cost a lot of money with the shipping cost. But that collection looks pretty amazing and I would surely love to try it. Matt lipsticks are something that I love. You are sure not to have lipstick on your teeth. It gives you  confident vibes as it stays all day.Nevertheless, I don’t think it’s something I will purchase  soon but If I had the opportunity one day I would love to.


3- Zoella new beauty range “ Snow’ella” :

As you probably know the famous youtuber Zoella has launched her new beauty range lately. I have to admit that she really nailed it this one. I have been following her for a few years now and I have never been that much fan of  the design she chose.  You know my love for Christmas so it was obvious that I would be that much excited to try her new range. My favorite piece is “ Merry and bright Bath soak”. First I love the name, then the packaging looks so cute. My love for Christmas and for bath stuff is mixed in one product. So please tell me how can’t I love this ?


Food :

My favorite section, there will be healthy and surely unhealthy stuff because I discovered some new food in september. I’m quite excited to share those with you.

1- Sushi : I’m craving about sushi’s at the moment because I have never tried them. The thing is I don’t really know if I will like them but I kind of love the idea of eating raw fish.


2- The bakery Alice et Jules :

A few days ago I discovered a new backer shop near my town.I absolutely fell in love with it.  If one day you come to France please  try to go to Alice and Jules. It’s a restaurant chain in France, the design is just incredible and the meals are really good. What’s really funny is that they are also bakers. I swear you will like it.

Entertainment :

As I don’t really watch TV that much , this section is not very full but there are still two things that I’ve been loving so far. I wanted to share them with you.

1- Life of Kylie :

As you can see I’m very into Kylie’s Jenner new stuff at the moment. I heard about her show on Twitter and I wanted to see what the youngest girl of the family was able to do. I never thought that I would love it that much. She gave a kind different point of view of her life. It’s very different from her sisters’ TV shows. It makes the show more interesting to watch. She really tells her story and how she built this incredible empire.


2- American horror story :

It’s fall so it means Halloween, of course I had to watch American horror story. My love for this Serie is huge. I’m crazy about it. I watched  season 1 and 2 so fast. The script is really well written. The actors are amazing too. My favorite season is surely  season 1. My favorite character is Tate played by Evan Peters.

I hope you guys liked this post ! tell me in the comments what is your favorites product in this artice ! ♥


May Xx


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