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What are the fall fashion blogger trends ?

Hey Everyone,
Happy Fall !!!!
Now that we are in fall I am so much more inspired than ever. I feel like all my inspiration comes in fall and during the Christmas season. As I’m a winter lover I can’t be very inspired with hot weather. Anyway I know that it has been a long time since I have posted any post . But I wanted the best for this post so that’s why I waited a bit for it to be as good as I wanted.
I had this idea 2 months ago when I was planning my fall post. I thought it would be really nice to share with you some fall outfits, but not mine. So I contacted some bloggers to ask them if I could take some of their pictures to put them on this article. I thought it could be a nice way to make you discover new styles and new bloggers.
The first one is from Shelly Stuckman, she’s an amazing blogger I absolutely love her style. I chose this outfit because it makes me feel like autumn. Also because it looks so  cute and cosy. The colour of her shirt is incredible. By the way I love those kinds of dresses at the moment and I really struggle to find one which fits me. So I have to admit that I get quite jealous when I see how it fits her. In autumn we want to look cute but cosy at the same time and Shelly really nailed it with this outfit. If I wanted to put my little fashion style I would probably ad a cute backpack with it. Let me know what you think ?
Manuella.L : she’s an incredible blogger and her wardrobe must be amazing. When I saw her style in her blog I fell in love with it.I chose this outfit because I love kaki and I find difficult to style it perfectly. So when I found her dress I immediately fell in love and wanted to ad it in this article. She styles it with some really beautiful slippers and a big Mickael kors ‘ bag. Can we just talk about her bag ? I dream to have one like this ! It gives a cosy and chic look at the same time.
The next one is Carla Vadan, She’s a stylist and style blogger based in London. I chose this blog because I like how clean and refined it is. What I love with her style is that it’s very random and she tries to show the best in her outfit. I feel like this outfit is very 70’s vibes. I love her red skirt and how she manages to style it with her trench coat which shows fall mood. I think this outfit makes her look mysterious and British.
So I hope you guys liked this article, I know that it’s very new on my blog. But I wanted some changes and here it is. I tried to choose some blogger with different style. Thanks for those blogger who let me use their pictures.  Tell me in the comment what you think ? If you want me to do this kind article more often
If you want to check their blog click on their name or here !



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