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Big Things in 2018 !

Hi everyone ! Happy New year !!! I’m so happy to do my come back on this blog ! You don’t know how it missed me to write on this blog ! It’s been way too long since I’ve posted a new blog post. But as you know my school life just didn’t let me enough time to keep… Continue reading Big Things in 2018 !

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What made me feel happy this month ?

Hi guys, so I hope you are all well. It’s the end of the month of september and as it was an important month for me, I wanted to share with you what made me feel happy this month. It a mix of random things and things which happened in the month.   1- My… Continue reading What made me feel happy this month ?

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//♥what I should do in 2016♥// !

Hello sweeties ! I hope you had  wonderful holidays and sure HAPPY NEW YEAR  ! It makes  me so sad to know that Christmas is over now … and it’s so weird to think that today we are in 2016 . I’m the type of person who loves thinking that every year is a good way to do our best for the next year it’s like starting everything every year !

Even if I’m the type of person who usually doesn’t  keep resolution , It motivates  me to do a list of all my new resolutions ! I know that I might not keep  all of them , I will just  focus  on a few of them !

  1. I would like to  do more sport , because It’s never too late to start being more healthy !
  2. Be more sociable , because I’m pretty shy and I would like  to meet  more people and share more things with them !
  3. Stop starting new series because  when I start I become addict and I focus on it too much !
  4. Stop eating too much chocolate ( I don’t know if I  will resist )
  5. Try to give more to all the people around me
  6. Be more chatty !
  7. Try to smile to everyone !
  8. Laugh everyday
  9. Be more organized in my personal life !
  10. Be  more organized with my blog too 🙂
  11. Try  to take  my phone less and talk more with my family !
  12. Be less sensitive !
  13. Try  to open my mind to the world .
  14. Learn more new things
  15. Stop thinking that I’m not as good as  the others
  16. Be ready to face the others
  17. Read more !
  18. Drink more water !
  19. Get ready faster ( because it gets on my friends’ nerves )
  20. Be more confident .

So they are my resolutions for 2016 , they could be examples for you , I hope you liked reading them , don’t hesitate to tell me yours if you have some , I will be pleased if you do it ♥ .

Don’t hesitate to contact me on my social media or by mail if you have any questions or if you just want to talk to me ! I will answer as quickly as possible ♥ .

TWITTER : @mayfisher90

instagram : mayfisher90

mail : mayfisher90@gmail.com


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♥ My Christmas presents !♥

I don’t know you but I love seeing what people get for Christmas ( I know I’m really weird) ! It’s why I thought I could share with you my Christmas gifts !

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♥Crazy Christmas tag ! ♥

Hello everyone ! so as you know I’m crazy about Christmas and tomorrow it’s Christmas  so I thought to finish the Christmas category  I could do a Christmas tag ( I know it’s a  bit too late but as you know I always do things a bit late ) , So I hope you will like it !!

 What is your favorite Christmas song ? 

I really love “have yourself a merry little christmas” from Christina Aguillera , because it reminds me of lots of souvenirs and makes me dream !

What’s your favorite Christmas / holidays drink?

I would obviously say ” hot chocolate ” but recently I really love having Christmas tea , so as I can’t choose because I love both of them too much , I will choose those two !! ( tell me in the comments if you’re more a tea lover or a hot chocolate lover .)

What is your favorite Christmas movie ? 

I’m the type of person who loves romantic movies , so I will clearly say ” Bridget jones ” or “A Christmas kiss” those are my two favorites but there are  so many other Christmas movies I love . Yes I know I’m very blue-blooded …

What would you like to have for  Christmas? 

I think I would love having a trip to Amsterdam with my mum ! As I told you in my wishlist !

What’s your favorite holiday makeup or nail art/Mani?

I love white nails with a little Christmas tree on them , but I never do it because let’s be honest I’m the worst for that !

Your is your favorite Christmas look? 

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like being really smart at Christmas so I usually love wearing a big and cozy jumper with some little Christmas pictures on it ! yes I’m a big eternal child !

Would you rather play outside in the snow or stay in with a warm drink?

As I’m a lazy girl , I prefer to stay in with a hot drink , and watch my favorite Christmas movie , It’s a fact I’m the  laziest girl in the wordl !

Wrapping the gifts, a pleasure or a curse?

A pleasure sure ! I love doing that , It’s the best thing to do at Christmas !

Favorite Christmas meal?

I think it is the dessert because I can’t be more exiting when the dessert comes !

Your favorite Christmas thing?

Giving presents because I love seeing my friends and my family members unpacking presents and seeing their  happy faces  !

favorite Christmas smells?

Gingerbread is one of my favorite smells in the world ! It reminds me of my chilhood and always makes me happy when I eat it !

do you like to stay in your PJS or dress up for Christmas ? 

I prefer to stay in my big and crazy pyjamas because I really believe that is so much convivial at Christmas !

so I hope you will have a lovely Christmas day , and that this post  will make you smile  ! Try to answer  those questions I had a lovely moment  writing them !

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Introduction , welcome to my world !

It has been a long time since I wanted to write a blog , but I was not ready for that and I always gave up at the last minute because I was scared about peaple’s opinion . But now I’m ready to open my mind to the world . I love being really close to peaple , It’s why I promise you I will be the most honest I can with you , I also will share my bad and my happy moments with you !