Express your self ♥

Hi ! So It’s my first post in the category #serious talk and today I would like to talk about the feelings we usually keep really deep inside and we don’t really know how to move out of ourselves , so I have one tip which helps me a lot so I hope you will like it !

One month ago , in one of my school class we had to write a secret diary  telling about ourselves and our feelings about our life , we had to write all the things going through our minds , at the beginning I wasn’t feeling really well about it  because I thought , I had nothing to write on it or I didn’t  want to write my feelings and all my thoughts on it !

But two weeks later I started to write in a notebook and at that moment I moved out of myself.  All the things which make me sad or all the things I have been through , all the moments that  make me cry , all the things that  make me smile , I wrote about my childwood and a little about of my teenager ‘s problems … I promise that was so good to let all my fellings moving out .

So that is my advice , If you  sometimes feel bad and you don’t want to talk about it to someone , take a notebook , try to draw something or put a picture on it , and write all the things you want to move out , all the things you don’t understand , all the things you want to do or you want to change … all the things  going through your mind . Trust me you are going to feel free , and It  will help you feel better with yourself .

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Writing is one of the best way to move out the feelings and help people to feel better  .Try, you don’t have to show it  someone just keep it for you , try to tell yourself , it’s the beginning to feel better .

So I hope you like it guys , don’t hesitate to share my post in your social network and with your friends ! And don’t forget to follow me  if you want to see all my posts ! ♥♥


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