Who am I ? ♥

Hello you , If you are  new here ! welcome to you ! I would like to introduce myself a little bit more than I did in my “Introduction post ” which you can read here ! 


Myself :

I’m May , but my real name is Mary and I’m a French girl , I know  I guess right now you’re wondering why I don’t write in french ?

If my blog is in English it’s because , since I was  little I have  always had   an” English education” and my mum is very close to England ,  I’ve been a lot in England since I was five  and for me it  is like my second home . You know this feeling when you miss something that ‘s how  I feel … I need to write in English because it reminds me of  the country , I’m always dreaming about how  my life would be if I were  in England ,    it  helps me to feel  better  ! You will understand what I mean if you keep reading !


I’m this type of girl who’s not really confident with herself  .People don’t really see   it as I always smile and laugh  but it always hides a big part of me   .I always challenge  myself about almost everything , I ‘m always scared to make  a mistake ,  I never trust   myself ….  I would like to control everything but I  know that I can’t and I  have  this feeling that I’m talking to someone here ,  it makes me feel so much better !

Being online is a way for me to express myself without thinking about what people at school will think of me or what a person will tell  me , because online , I’m another  person  for a few hours, I’m not Mary at all  I’m May ! And I truly don’t care about what other would think about me or if something on me diplease them ! I say and do what I want !

I’ve never imagined myself writing a blog before ,  but I discovered that to share all those amazing things with you  guys  is just amazing ! I love this feeling that I’m not alone even if people who read my blog are  far away !



I love taking pictures of different moments of my life not to forget them !

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