Happy easter ♥

Hello guys , I hope you’re doing well , It’s Easter ! I’m so exited because as you may know I love chocolate and all the things about Easter ! ( no I think I love more chocolate than Easter ) !

This year I haven’t been in my garden to  hunt  for eggs because I haven’t got a garden which is quite sad but I did have some chocolate ! which is the most exiting part of Easter time so I wanted to share them with you  , tell me in on the comments bellow If you did hunt your Easter eggs in your garden or not !

I haven’t got a lot of chocolate this year even if I’m a massive fan of chocolate. I wanted to be more reasonable this year . I don’t know for you but I’m the type of person who loves all commercial chocolate like ” Milka , Cadbury , Lint …” but I really don’t like expensive chocolate , It always make me sick.


I had this one from my mom who gives it  to me on sunday afternoon , it is so massive , and I had it with this lovely bowl .


I also had some Milka chocolate obviously , you know how much I love them ! I’m so exited to eat them !

So that was my Easter eggs , I hope you guys  had the most beautiful Easter ever and share some lovely moments with your family ! let me know on the comment what is your favorite chocolate ! I would be really pleased to know !


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