What a wonderful day on my birthday !

It’s been a few weeks now since  it was my birthday , I’m 15 now and It’s still really weird for me , I can’t imagine  that time goes  so fast ! I still feel like when I was 10 ! Even If I’m 15 now I’m still a big dreamer ! it’s been a few years since I have told my family that I wanted a rainbow cake , and for my birthday my godmother cooked me one , that was so crazy because I had  never seen one before ! I was  like a child when I saw  the cake ! she cooked for  3 hours to make it  ! so I’m really thankful . I think that was the best gift ever !


That was so massive , I was so exited to taste it ! and It was so yummy ! Then I had some other gifts which were really cute !


I had those amazing spoons which are so cute , I know I’m a big child but who can not resist in front of  the cutest spoon ever  ? seriously no one !

I had a cup ! which is really great because I’m a big fan of cute cups , and I’m the first person to think that everyone needs his own cup ! ( I know I’m weird sometimes )

I had the best birthday ever , I’ve been chill with my family all day and share with them my happiness that was so great , It means a lot to me because knowing that they will  always be there for me , makes me feel so emotional ! And sharing that with you guys is so amazing too ! I hope you like it and tell me in the comments   what was your best birthday gift or what is your dream day ? I would like to know ! ♥♥




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